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The huge Queensberry and BT Sport boxing double header begins on Friday, March 26, at 7pm on BT Sport 1 HD.

Night 1 will be headlined by Derby’s Zach Parker who will be defending his WBO International title at Super Middleweight, and his WBO #1 ranking, against St. Louis, Misouri’s Vaughn Alexander.

The eight-fight card features three title fights and two debutants making their pro bow.

Don't miss a single moment with BBN's LIVE results below:


Fight #1

Jason Harty vs Kearon Thomas

Jason Harty defeated Kearon Thomas in his pro debut.


Fight #2

Edward Donovan vs Matthew King

Ed Donovan won 40-35 on points to go 1-0.


Fight #3

Danny Ball vs Sam Gilley

The only bout Dudley's Danny Ball didn't win was when he drew with Kaisee Benjamin for the Midlands Area welterweight title in 2019. In his next fight, he won the WBC International title Silver welterweight title against Mason Cartwright, which he defends tonight, 15 months on against Londoner Sam Gilley, who is unbeaten in 11 bouts and the reigning Southern Area welterweight champion.

Ball begins the bout as the aggressor, with Gilley, trained by Rod Julian, on the backfoot.

Ball scores an eyecatching right hook in round two, which Gilley acknowledges with a smile.

Gilley lands a perfect jab on the Londoner to kick round four off with.

It's an intruiging battle, lots of jabs being exchanged, both boxers enjoying success of their own. Ball looking a little more succesfull in that battle of jabs, also slightly busier.

Gilley guilty of hitting air a few times during round seven, with Ball a little bit more clinical.

Exciting exchanges in the eighth, both boxers beleiving they have to win the last few rounds to clinch the decision. Ball lands a lovely right hook, but Gilley responds straight back with a sublime uppercut, and it's another close round to call.  Ball bleeding from the nose, but finishes the round confidently by winding up a right hand and snaekily scoring a jab, just like Sugar Ray Leonard.

24-year-old Ball is the more dominant of the two in the penultimate round. In fact, he is landed at will on Gilley, who jabs back. The Londoner turns the final minute of the round into a thrilling battle, both exchanging a high amount of punches.

Coming into the final round, every segment is very hard to score either way, these two have made the judges' life very difficult in the opening fight of the night.

Sam Gilley told by his corner that he needs a big last round to finish with, and that is probably accurate of the fight here, the champion is likely just ahead and the challenger can only sway it in his favour with a big finish. Gilley lands a right hand but with no weight behind it. They clash on the ropes in the secod half of the round. In the closing minute, Ball dominats the exchanges with big shots. The unbeaten 147-pounders slug it out in the final seconds of the fight, and they can both be proud of their performance.

Ball should be slightly ahead over a tough, entertaining 10-rounds. The scores were read aloud as 96-94 twice and 97-94 to the champion Danny Ball, which is a true reflection of the fight. Great start to the show and very accurate scoring from the ringside officials. No losers in this fight, however.


Fight #4

Sam Maxwell vs Ben Fields

Ben Fields is a journey man with a difference - he is the reigning Midlands Area welterweight champion and was crowned as BBN's Best Journeyman of the Year in 2019.

From Digbeth, Fields comes into the contest at short notice (just four days!) after Akeem Ennis-Brown withdrew from his British and Commonwealth super-lightweight title defenceto Maxwell with an injury.

Trained by Sean Cogan, Fields started well by throwing everything at Maxwell but won;t be able to keep that up for eight rounds. Maxwell looks good and controlled at mid-range.

Merseysider Maxwell is looking good in round two, landing at range and up close. It's almost like he handed the first round to Fields to decide what was best going forward, as he starts to picke off his opponent at will. Fields wades in with his head down and Maxwell is looking to land a counter uppercut.

Fields has never been stopped before and Maxwell's biggest shots don't seem to be making a dent here.

It could be a bit critical, but it feels like Maxwell should have made a bit of a bigger statement here, instead he keeps getting dragged into the away fighter's fight.

Fields has slowed down and Maxwell should be looking a bit better here. He is definitely winning the contest but not in style... yet.

To be fair on Maxwell, he has got a live opponent in front of him who has never been stopped, so will always have his work cut out for him. Referee Bob Williams calls a time out in round six after a few scrappy and heated exchanges. Fields wades forwards and makes Maxwell's job as difficult as possible. When the Liverpudlian has space, he ricochets shots off Fields's head for fun.

In round seven, Fields is deducted a point for holding and rough-housing.

Ben Fields goes the full eight rounds with top prospect Sam Maxwell, and after that fight, every boxing fan will be rememebring his name and hoping he gets paid well in his next few fights!

Bob Williams scores the contest 79-73 to 'Super' Sam Maxwell. The respectful pair pose for photos together at the end.


Fight #5

David Adeleye vs Dave Preston

Hard-hitting Adeleye lands a left hook to the body in the first round to stop the fight in the first minute and the fight is over as soon as it has started.  1:20 is the official time.

In the post-fight interview, Adeleye gave credit to his opponent for stepping in last minute and then called out Nathan Gorman.


Fight #6

Dennis McCann vs Luis Moreno

In a lively start, Moreno launces a right hand too far out and McCann counters easily in the first round.

Southpaw McCann is stabbing with his jabs, Moreno overreaching and missing wildly. 

McCann, trained by Alan Smith and Eddie Lamm at the iBox Gym, is boxing perfectly to instruction, keeping the pressure on whilst staying away from danger.

Moreno gets through with a right hand in round four but it's a rare success.

Unbeaten prospect McCann is just bossing things from round five, but spectators are wondering why he doesn't just up the tempo and force the stoppage, as it's very one-sided. The answer is likely to be that the Mexican has six KOs from nine victories, so is clearly heavy handed and it's always advisable not to punch with a puncher.

Maidstone's McCann finishes round five strongly.

Every time that Moreno tries to come forward, McCann lands on him. By round six, McCann is just puchimg holes in him, but nothing heavy. Easy work for the Maidstone man.

McCann's corner tells him to just pick away and not take risks.

The fight goes the full eight rounds and it was all class from McCann, who bossed the action behind his slick southpaw jab.

He rounded off a great performance with a knockdown in the final round, catching Moreno coming in.

20-year-old McCann moves to 9-0 in his career.


Chief Support

Brad Foster vs Alvaro Rodriguez

Brad Foster is bossing the fight behind his jab, Rodriguez on the back foot.

Foster finishes the round six really strong. Sunny Edwards criticisd from ringside that Foster needs to stay switched on for the full three minutes of the round.

Brad Foster took the 10-round decision 100-90 on all three judges scorecards.


Main Event

Zach Parker vs Vaughn Alexander

Ahead of the main event, Queensberry Boxing paid tribute to Marvin Hagler, Lee Noble, Jim Evans, and Alma Ingle in a moments silence during a 12 count.

Alexander trying to walk Parker down who picks him off from distance.

Parker hurt Alexander, the older brother of double world champion Devon Alexander, with a barrage at the bell to end the first round and then did a number on him in the second.

A right around the ear, briskly followed by a clubbing right and three lefts bowled Alexander over in the first 20 seconds of the round and Alexander never seemed to recover, as a hard right sent him over again. Alexander tried to stick it out, but he was not throwing any punches back as Parker loaded up, so it was no surprise when referee Marcus McDonnell waved it over with Alexander trapped in the corner at 1:39 of round two. 


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