Dave Allen vs David Price results report what next

What next for David Price?

Published On Monday, July 22, 2019By British Boxing News

David Price surveys his options after Dave Allen victory

David Price offers his insight into what his next career move might be
Boxing experts weigh in on where they think Pricey should go next

The towering Liverpudlian (25-6, 20 KOs) produced a clinical 10-round destruction of the affable ‘White Rhino’ on the Matchroom Show – wowing a large TV audience in the process – and will continue his resurgence as a free agent.

Price said: “I was the underdog in there. What was getting said ahead of the fight was that Allen was only two or three fights from a world title shot. The fact I dominated him has made people sit up and take notice.

“As I said back in December, each fight will be calculated and I know after Saturday night, I’m not going to be short of options when it comes to my next fight.

“Some might watch that performance and realise how much they’ve got to lose but the fans will always want excitement and now, they’ll be very excited about what’s next for me because I always bring that excitement.

“I think a lot of people will be impressed by what I did on Saturday night and there’ll be a lot of speculation and some offers made.

“People are saying: ‘Has Price finally arrived?!’ The penny’s dropped. Something’s happened. I haven’t enjoyed a victory like I enjoyed that one for many, many years. A loss would’ve been the end so there was a lot riding on it.

“Now, I’ll just let the phone ring. I haven’t got a promotional deal with anyone so I’m a free agent.”

Price, who won the British and Commonwealth crowns on his way up the ladder, is now on a run of three early stoppage wins having previously suffered back-to-back defeats to high-class Russians Alexander Povetkin and Sergiy Kuzmin.

BBN asked their panel of experts for their different opinions on Pricey's next move:


Ryan Walsh
British featherweight champion

"I’d love to see him fight Dereck Chisora, but as far as his career goes, I’d hope he gets some form of title shot for some good money.

I like David, he’s a good man and hopefully he can do that."


Mick Kane
Boxing Writer

"I fancied David Price going into Saturday night and unfortunately for Dave Allen, Price proved me right. He showed what everyone know's, that there are levels in boxing.

At 35 where can he go though as more than likely any chance of a world title shot has gone and he will be a gate keeper for any up and comers to the top 20. As a free agent, could he face one of Frank Warren's stable of heavyweights, a Joe Joyce or Daniel Dubois, possibly.

I'd like to see him have a shot at European title, he won British and Commonwealth and that could be a nice way to finish his career. Agit Kabayel is the EBU heavyweight champion and that's a fight that could make sense."


Dmitriy Salita
Boxing Promoter, Salita Promotions

"David Price vs Hughie Fury is a good UK tussle. He is a solid world class heavyweight gate keeper. Fighters that have world championship in there future should beat him and the ones that are a level under he can beat.

I would put American Heavyweight Contender Jermaine Franklin and Russia’s KO artist Apti Davtaev in with him;  good solid fight for both."


Miles Shinkwin
Former English light-heavyweight champion

"I think he needs another domestic fight similar to the Allen fight. Another one where he can build confidence. I think he showed what he is capable of, whatever people want to say now, Dave Allen can fight and big Pricey didn’t give him a look in.

I’m not sure how far he can go but he’s certainly further than many thought he would be a year ago. Massive credit to his training team with Joe McNally and Paul Edwards, they’ve obviously got him mentally in a great place."


Erol Ceylan
Boxing Promoter from Germany

"I think he will have to fight in UK next against Chisora. With this win he can make a statement."


Matt Marsh
Former British super-bantamweight champion

"Let’s be honest, everyone thought David was going to win; he had the height, he had the reach, and he did well utilisng both of them in that fight, but Dave Allen wasn’t any good and he ran out of ideas.

Beating Dave Allen isn’t really a good win for him. David Price still isn’t that good in the pro game and still hasn’t got a chin, if he steps up he will get found out again.

Personally, I think he needs to just stick with the domestic level to earn a few quid."


Jordan Neild
BBN Writer

"Price is suddenly in a really good position and it all seemed to come together on Saturday night for him. I think, outside of the "world class" fighters, he has the ability to cause people problems and earn good money in the process. I think he maybe should aim at trying to avenge defeats against Christian Hammer and Sergey Kuzmin, two fights that if he were to perform how he did Saturday, would be very competitive.

I don't see there being much for him domestically, he has already been British Champion and the risk simply outweigh's reward against Joyce/Dubois if there was no substantial belt on the line. I anticipate he will maybe get a few wins under his belt for the remainder of 2019, then aim to compete at European/fringe world level again and wouldn't be surprised to see him back in with Kuzmin, Hammer or even European Champion Agit Kabayel next year."


Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"He looked great, but I think we all know that he is a class above Allen, with skill level anyway.

Maybe a fight with Lucas Browne would be a decent one. But I’d like him to maybe build himself back up the WBA route now that he’s picked up the Inter-Continental title with them. He should check their rankings, build his position with them. Either that or try for the EBU title!"


Fabrizio Spagna
BBN Writer

"I think that was the best performance of Price's professional career.

He stuck to a game-plan, maintained his distance using a very effective jab and took the fight out of Allen with withering body-shots. Most importantly, Price looked very relaxed and focused in the ring. Allen's popularity and lack of real pedigree contributed to focusing Price's mind on the task at hand.

At this stage, Price needs to pick the correct fights; he struggles against shorter men where he has to jab down and leaves himself open for being countered. Price is still a big draw and he wants to get paid, his best bet of making it to a huge payday is taking on Dominic Brezeale in what is a very winnable fight for the big Liverpudlian."


Ace Adam
Middleweight debutant

"I think David Price should face Dereck Chisora next, who fought on the same show, also with a big win.

They're evenly-matched, both big names in Britain, and will generate a lot of interest from the paying public. They've both had a good year so far and each enjoying a recent resurgence, so they're meeting in the ring as they're both riding on a crest of a wave, so it should be a cracking pickem' fight. One that will make for an attractive chief supporting contest."


Jack Bradley
BBN Writer

"I’ve seen that Price has mentioned being open to the Povetkin rematch if the offer is right, but I think he’d be better off going down a different route than fighting him at this stage. People are quick to bring Povetkin’s age into it these days, but he’s a very dangerous heavyweight for anyone outside of the elite still, and even then it wasn’t too long ago that he gave Anthony Joshua a really tough fight for a few rounds.

A rematch with Sergei Kuzmin could be a decent step for Price. He was in that fight before he pulled out, and with the confidence of a comfortable win over Dave Allen now with him, he might fare better with the Russian in a rematch in the near future. A win would also put him in the top 10 with both the WBA and IBF, which will certainly be one of Price’s aims now as he looks to rejuvenate his career."


Ben Day
Former Southern Area champion

"I believe in David Price, he’s a good fighter, I think he can still go on and win a world title.

He brings in the crowds also, so everyone else must believe in him too.

I think previous losses was a mental thing and now he’s overcome this.

David Price, you can do it."


Bolu 'BK' Kareem
Middleweight debutant

"David Price should fight Joe Joyce, that would be a very entertaining fight and a big domestic match up."


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent

"I like Pricey and have always willed him to success, and I have never thought he was fiished with whenever he was defeated heavily. He's absolutely right when he says you are only ever two fights away from being in contention for a big world title fight.

I'd love for Pricey to get his dream world title shot so he can retire satisfied whatever the outcome. I agree with my mate Dmitriy that Hughie Fury would be a great domestic showdown that will attract lots of interest. However, I'd like to see him win the European title because I believe that he deserves and I think that might be the biggest accolade he can achieve in what's left of his career. I don't think he can quite make it as a world champion and he's conqured the British and Commonwealth, so European, I believe, should be his ultimate goal."


Ryan Clark
Co-Founder of buymyfight.com

"I was gutted to see Allen lose Saturday as I’ve bought into the Dave Allen journey somewhat but equally I’ve always felt Pricey has had a rough patch of luck, and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

Price can box, and I remember being there in Cardiff vs Povetkin feeling like he was actually matching levels and on the road to victory….until that punch.

On that note, it really does show that in heavy weight boxing you’re one punch away from a win or a loss, so when someone says can Price achieve at top level, of course he can, but consistently? Most likely not. I would like to see him go for a European title and win that before having a dream shot at world title; but given the fact that even Dillian Whyte can’t get a shot I very much doubt that’ll happen for Price.

European, and a few domestic dust ups with the likes of Hughie Fury, Chisora and Dubois could be about the best for Price. I hope he achieves what he deserves."


Aqib Tahlat
BBN Writer

"I think that that he should fight on a few Frank Warren shows because Warren has a few good heavyweights and I think Price has the chance to beat some of them whilst he is still active."