Ben Day talks to fans ahead of first title challenge

Published On Thursday, February 26, 2015By British Boxing News
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Ben Day engages with fight fans ahead of maiden title tilt

Undefeated lightweight boxer Ben Day took to the popular fan site KO Boxing Forum to answer fans' questions ahead of his International Masters title challenge on March 7th at London's York Hall. Ben will still be answering fans' questions up to his title fight on March 7th, to get involved and talk to the boxing star directly click here KO Boxing Forum

Boxrec lists you as having two alias's. The Entertainer and Dynamite Kid - What alias do you prefer and is there a meaning behind it? "Love the entertainer name because to me that's a big part of boxing. Entertain the crowd by being myself - displaying my unique style while having fun. Kid Dynamite - haven't a clue why it's there?"

Is it tough to go full-time? Do you have to be more flexible to make a living from the sport? "I'm a full time boxer and a full time business owner - Ringtone Boxing Gym- I don't know how I do it."

Do you watch any boxing at home and if so, which fighters most appeal to you? "I constantly watch Roy Jones and Naseem Hamed and I try and copy their moves lol!"

Who is your current trainer and where do you train? "I never had a trainer for my first 6 professional fights - not sure how I kept my undefeated record ha ha I now have a trainer Alec Wilkey and I'm more than happy, I train at Lansbury ABC."

Apart from boxing, are you interested or follow any other sport? "I love most sports I'm a very good runner but now I have a injury so I've been swimming. I'm good at most sports, I find sport easy but I'm addicted to boxing."

Who inspires you? "I'm really interested in successful people and philosophy I love listening to Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and Jim Rohn as I would love to become a public speaker." 

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To follow Ben Day on Twitter click here @benday32 Ben would like to thank his sponsors Ringtone Boxing Gym and PR Manager Tim Rickson