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Unbeaten featherweight Andrew Cain reveals the secret to knocking out all his opponents

Published On Saturday, October 31, 2020By Tim Rickson

KO artist Andrew Cain his six knockouts from six fights so far

Unbeaten featherweight powerhouse Andrew Cain (6-0, 6KOs) let slip his secret as to how he has managed to defeat all six of his opponents inside the distance.

The 24-year-old Merseysider has only completed 13 from a scheduled 26 rounds, managing to stop, on average, all his opponents by the midway mark.

The 5ft 4” pocket rocket with a 100% KO ratio gave a unique insight into how he has been able to knock out all his foes. The latest victim to fall was on his BT Sport debut on July 31 on a Queensberry Promotions show after signing contracts with promoter Frank Warren in February this year.

Cain dispatched of Blackpool’s tall Thai Ed Harrison (2-4), who retired after round three. In Harrison’s next fight, he surprisingly defeated unbeaten prospect Mohammed Bilal Ali (4-1, 1KOs) just recently in September.

The five-time national amateur champion, who had his first amateur bout at 11, reflected on his last fight, “To be honest, I weren’t really that happy with the performance, I weren’t boxing, just fighting, looking to get him out of there.

“Hopefully I’ll get someone better next time that I can box with. Everyone who knows me knows I can box, but now everyone thinks I’m a mauler.”

Cain hammered his man with heavy hooks from the very first bell until a torrid third round was enough for Harrison to give up the fight before the fourth.

Cain moved up to 6-0 with the sixth consecutive stoppage, but hasn’t yet fought a winning opponent, just journeyman so far, as is the norm for young prospects starting out in the paid ranks.

“That what I see those opponents are there for but can’t underestimate them because anyone can lose against anybody. I understand what they’re there for. They can be awkward and make you look bad, but my style seems to be working for me.”

The KO artist revealed why he believes he is having such success against away fighters who are often very successful at tucking up and staying safe, spoiling and tying up the home fighters to be able to earn their money the next week at another show in a different part of the country.

“I’m on them and that’s why I’m getting them out of there,” he exposed. “Some [home fighters] prefer to box and their opponents are making it to the final bell, but I’m just dropping my hands by my side and getting in range, making them punch, showing them a target, so the only thing they can do to protect themselves is to punch and that’s when I counter them.”

With his hands held low, journeyman aren’t able to grab and hold as easily. With Cain’s style, crouching low, dipping his head, forcing his opposites to let their hands go so that he can counter with awkward punches from his hips, is having a devastating effect, as his perfect record already proves.

Currently, there’s no seventh opponent in sight for Cain but he is still training hard every day of the week in his Everton Red Triangle gym with trainer Paul Stevenson and teammates Nick Ball (13-0, 6KOs) and Brad Strand (4-0, 1KO), also signed to Frank Warren.

“Just been cracking on with training, staying in the gym Monday to Friday, waiting for a date. Never know what’s coming up, so still got to train because you never know. We’ve had the odd spar still but not much.

“It’s just the same in the gym, no changes. We’re always trying new stuff, learning new things every day, Paul is a good teacher so we’re always learning. We’re always the same, always strong and ready, we won’t let this affect anything. It would never affect our mindset, if you let that affect you, there’s so many other things to deal with, you’d be finished!”

Francis Warren was hopeful that the talented trio from the Triangle would get a chance to follow up on their Queensberry Promotions debut before the year is out, but Cain isn’t allowing himself to get his hopes up.

“I hope for a fight no matter what, but hopefully we’ll hear sooner rather than later. I think we’ll be lucky to get out again this year. We’ve been lucky to get out anyway.”


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