Ultimate Boxxer 4 live results, direct from our ringside reporter Jack Bradley

BBN reporter Jack Bradley is keeping everyone updated, live from ringside, at the Ultimate Boxxer IV tournament at Planet Ice in Altrincham.

Bout 1 
4 Rounds
Sean FENNELL (3-0-0) vs. Jamie QUINN (5-87-2)

In the first undercard bout of the evening, Manchester lightweight Sean Fennell outpointed Jamie Quinn with a score of 40-36 to extend his winning record to 4-0. Fennell boxed behind his jab well as he sought to attack Quinn’s body, comfortably defeating his opponent in the show’s opening fight.


Bout 2
6 Rounds
Sean Ben MULLIGAN (9-1-0) vs. Paul CUMMINGS (2-35-0)

The action continued with some super welterweight action, as Sean Ben Mulligan outpointed Paul Cummings in his first bout in a year. The Mancunian boxer applied consistent pressure to Cummings but did get caught with some clean work from his much more experienced opponent, who attacked Mulligan’s body well late on. Mulligan however held on well to take a 59-55 victory on the referee’s card.


Bout 3
6 Rounds
Bradley REA (5-0-0) vs. Alastair WARREN (11-24-5)

Bradley Rea put in the most impressive performance of his fledgling pro career yet, as he stopped Alastair Warren inside the first round of their middleweight clash. Dropping his opponent twice already, Rea stepped on the gas towards the end of the first round and mixed his combinations to the head and the body well, putting Warren down once again. Despite answering the count at eight, referee John Latham has seen enough and waved the bout off, awarding Rea the TKO victory.


Bout 4
3 Rounds – Quarter Final #1
Antony WOOLERY (1-1-0) vs. Mikael LAWAL (9-0-0)

Underdog Antony Woolery aimed to set a blistering pace against pre-tournament favourite Mikael Lawal in the first quarter-final of the evening, bulling forward to close the gap and trying to force Lawal to work up close where Woolery was clearly looking to do his best work.

Proving his hype, Lawal dropped Woolery early on with a right hook and it was a telling shot that gave Nigerian-born Londoner Lawal the majority decision victory and a place in the semi-finals at the final bell, with scores of 29-28 and 30-27, outweighing a drawn scorecard.

Bout 5
3 Rounds – Quarter Final #2
Dan COOPER (7-0-1) vs. David JAMIESON (4-0-0)

David Jamieson defeated Dan Cooper via majority decision in the second quarter final of the evening.

#The bout was close, with both men having arguably taken a round apiece going into the final stanza of the contest: Cooper’s work had been cleaner, whilst Jamieson’s pressure was telling. Cooper landed several tidy backhand rights in the final round, but it wasn’t enough to sway the judges, with two judges awarding Jamieson scores of 29-28 to hand him the majority decision victory.


Bout 6
3 Rounds – Quarter Final #3
Rhashian EARLINGTON (5-0-0) vs. Tony CONQUEST (18-3-0)

Rhashian Earlington made a huge statement in the third quarter final, stopping Tony Conquest in the first round with a thumping backhand.

The much more experienced Conquest led the action to start with as he probed with his jab, but Earlington managed to quickly find his range and put an end to proceedings with that huge right hand. Conquest went down and immediately complained about his left eye - which had completely swollen shut by the time he left the ring – and failed to answer the ref’s count, and Earlington was declared the victor by TKO.


Bout 7
3 Rounds – Quarter Final #4
Damian CHAMBERS (5-0-0) vs. Matt SEN (5-1-0)

Damian Chambers booked his spot in the semi finals, with an emphatic victory over Matt Sen by TKO.

Similar to Antony Woolery against Mikael Lawal in the first quarter final of the evening, Sen bulled forward to try and put his opponent under pressure, but he would eventually get caught with a big left hook that sent him to the canvas. Sen made the referee’s count, though when he was knocked down against just a few seconds later, the bout was waved off with Chambers victorious.


Bout 8
4 Rounds
Khaleel MAJID (3-0-0) vs. Lester CANTINELLO (4-30-0)

Bolton prospect Khaleel Majid rounded out his first year as a professional with a comfortable victory over Nicaraguan opponent Lester Cantinello. Majid had Cantinello ready to go at the end of the second round, after landing a sharp left hook upstairs that left his opponent looking leggy in the final 10 seconds of the round, though Cantinello held on. The fight continued in a similar fashion to how it had started, with Cantinello tough but vulnerable, and Majid showing the classier work – as such, it came as no surprise as Khaleel Majid ran out the 40-36 victor on the referee’s scorecard.


Bout 9
3 Rounds – Semi Final #1
Mikael LAWAL (10-0-0) vs. David JAMIESON (5-0-0)

Pre-tournament favourite Mikael Lawal dropped yet another opponent to book his place in the Ultimate Boxxer IV final, outpointing David Jamieson after putting him down in the opening round.

Lawal found success in the first round as Jamieson came forward, applying pressure in a similar fashion as to how he did against Dan Cooper in the quarter finals. Knocking down Jamieson with a short, sharp hook in the first, Lawal feinted well throughout the remainder of the fight and whilst Jamieson did enough to arguably take the second round, Lawal did enough to win the fight on the cards with scores of 29-27 x 2 and 29-28 sending him through to the final.


Bout 10
3 Rounds – Semi Final #2
Damian CHAMBERS (6-0-0) vs. Rhasian EARLINGTON (6-0-0)

In the fight of the night so far, Damian Chambers scored a narrow win over Rhasian Earlington in a fantastic brawl.

Chambers, backed by a raucous set of fans supporting him, caught Earlington with a short, sharp hook in the first round to set himself on his way to victory. Earlington had complained to Steve Bunce in a pre-fight interview that he ‘felt like he hadn’t been hit’ – but clearly, that first round woke him up as he came out swinging in the second and third, making for a fantastic fight. He nearly had Chambers down several times, though the Matthew Hatton-trained fighter hung on and did just enough to take a unanimous decision victory, earning him a place in the Ultimate Boxxer IV final against Mikael Lawal.


Bout 11
4 Rounds
Drew BROWN (11-0-0) vs. Lewis VAN POETSCH (9-105-2)

Drew Brown – the winner of the first ever Ultimate Boxxer tournament last year – defeated Lewis van Poetsch in a comfortable points win in only his second fight since winning competition. Shaking off the ring rust, Brown left as the winner via a 40-36 scorecard.


Bout 12
3 Rounds – Ultimate Boxxer IV Final
Mikael LAWAL (11-0-0) vs. Damian CHAMBERS (7-0-0)

Mikael Lawal defeated Damian Chambers in the Ultimate Boxxer IV final by way of a hellacious stoppage in the first round!

The two boxers were very much feeling each other out early on, exchanging jabs and looking for openings. When the opening presented itself for Lawal, the Shepherds Bush banger took full advantage, levelling his opponent with a swinging left hook to win the bout and the tournament as the referee waved the fight off at the count of six.

Lawal's lead overhand right missed it's target but the follow up left hook certainly didn't, and Chambers couldn't muster the strength in his arms to get himself back up off the floor again, with half of the opening round still to go.

It was an emphatic end to and incredibly well-fought campaing for Lawal, the deserved winner and future star of the cruiserweight division.


Bout 13
10 Rounds – Central Area Middleweight Title
John TELFORD (9-1-1) vs Jack KILGANNON (9-0-0)

In the final bout of the evening, Jack Kilgannon handily defeated John Telford to win the Central Area Middleweight title via a 96-94 decision.

Kilgannon started the bout much stronger than his opponent, using his jab to good effect to wear Telford down and nullify his offence. Telford continued to come forward, occasionally managed to close the gap and work Kilgannon up close on the ropes, but his undefeated opponent remained slippery throughout.

Telford’s best success came later on in the fight as Kilgannon appeared to tire in the late stages, but by that point he had done enough to ensure victory.