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Tyson Fury supports former cutman Jorge Capetillo during financial difficulties

Published On Friday, July 10, 2020By British Boxing News

'The People's Champion' Tyson Fury lends a helping hand

WBC World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury has made Las Vegas his second home. Although he hasn’t been back since his victory in February against Deontay Wilder, he hasn’t forgotten his friends during this pandemic.

Jorge Capetillo, who was Fury’s cutman for his fight against Otto Wallin, had to close down his gym, Capetillo & TM Boxing, due to the pandemic. Not only that, all the fights he had scheduled as a trainer were cancelled.

Capetillo was worried as to how he would not only be able to provide for his family, but also keep paying the rent and expenses for the gym.

Despite having a new cutman in his corner, Capetillo received a text from his friend, Tyson Fury, who immediately asked how his family was healthwise and financially. When Fury found out Capetillo had to close down due to Covid-19 regulations, he asked, “What can I do to help?”

Jorge confirmed, "When he knew we were locked down because of COVID-19 and my gym was closed, he texted me and said, 'Is there anything I can do to help?'

"He is still taking care of me. He sent me money. He asked about my family and what he could do.

"He said, 'I'll sort out some money for your family so you can be good. Such generousity for me and my family. He is agreat man, so humble. He had the time to ask how I was doing with my family during this crisis."

Fury’s acts of kindness are not out of the ordinary though, earlier this year during training camp for his fight against Wilder, Tyson Fury found out Capetillo’s gym was in danger of closing due to low memberships. Fury took it upon himself to hold a free Meet & Greet at Capetillo’s Boxing Gym for the fans. Thanks to that random act of kindness by Tyson Fury, they were able to raise enough money to keep the Boxing gym open.

These stories are only a couple of things 'The Gypsy King' has done during the pandemic. The current WBC champ and his wife, Paris, have shown true leadership during Quarantine by helping so many through their social media activities.

The World Boxing Council heaped praise upon him by stating, "He is a true example of what a Champion is inside and outside the ring and WBC is extremely proud of him." 

Currently Jorge Capetillo had to close his Boxing gym once again now due to testing positive to Covid-19. The Capetillo Family have revealed he is recovering well at home.

BBN would like to wish Jorge a speedy recovery and the very best of luck to the gym going forward.

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