Tyson Fury's camp manager reveals how much stricter training has been this time

Tyson Fury's camp manager reveals how much stricter training has been this time

Published On Friday, February 21, 2020By British Boxing News

Tyson Fury has ditched the diet coke and fast food

Timothy Allcock: "Training has been far stricter - no cans of Diet Coke and no Tyson nipping out for fast food"

Tyson Fury's friend, advisor and camp manager Timothy Allcock has revealed how much stricter Tyson Fury's camp has been this time around compared to the ill-discipline of before - when he used to nip out and eat fast food outside the camp, not respecting the diet.

He also said that Fury wanted sacked trainer Ben Davison to stay in the camp, but that was Davison's decision not to be involved. However, Allcock believes Fury is now a better fighter because of these changes. 

Speaking exclusively to VegasInsider.com, he said, "Tyson has been sparring amazingly. Everything has been put into place and done properly and has benefitted him. The big differences have been food, particularly strictness with what is in camp - silly little things like cans of Diet Coke have gone.

"We've also cut a lot of out of the way in terms of people visiting the house willy nilly. There has been loads of different things which has brought together everything together like it should be to prepare for such a big fight.

"It's been a hell of a lot more disciplined and it had to be a bit like this. The last fight was very much like Rocky III when he fought Mr T's character. It was too much in the limelight, too much of the fakeness and we just had to go back to basics and pull the rope on certain things."

Tyson's dramatic weight loss and incredible comeback from the brink of despair was largely attributed to trainer Ben Davison, who whipped Tyson into shape after he ballooned to over 28stone following depression and drug and alcohol abuse.

Tyson's friendship with Ben is strong and he requested his presence in camp for his rematch with Wilder, but Davison refused due to Fury setting up camp in America. The change in command has worked according to Allcock, who explained, "Tyson wanted Ben [Davison] in the camp, it was Ben's decision not to come into camp. But now there's been a massive change in the trainers as well which has benefited him [and Isaac Lowe] massively.

"We definitely had to rope in the food. Tyson never really stuck to the diet plan we gave him last time, he was always nipping out and eating fast food outside the camp - and all that has changed now. 

"Everything has worked for the best as Tyson knew if he went into this fight the way things were going, he probably wouldn't stand the chance he has now. 

"I'd say Tyson respects Wilder more in this fight, but Tyson knows he can beat him. The way Tyson has changed things, he is a better fighter because of it, which brings more chance of winning the fight."

Fury claims that he chose to work with the famous Kronk Gym to get the knockout win over rival Wilder, which he believes will come in rounds two-three. The world will find out if he can in just two days time!


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