Deano's Jibba Jab: Tyson Fury is the man to end the heavyweight borefest

Published On Saturday, July 25, 2015By
Deano's Jibba Jab is the hugely popular weekly column provided by unbeaten middleweight boxer, Dean Gillen. The Nottinghamshire firefighter-come-boxer discusses this week's hot topic in the sport of boxing.  

Tyson Fury is the man to end the heavyweight borefest

The furious Tyson Fury has fought his way to the top to become mandatory challenger to face Wladimir Klitschko for the WBO, WBA, IBF and IBO world titles! This fight has been building for a while, and Fury is pulling out all the stops in order to hype the fight. He is a real character in boxing and any fight he's involved in will have that edge and appeal. The fact that this one is as big as it gets doesn't need any selling but Tyson, being Tyson, will always go that extra mile to entertain us!
I used to wish Tyson would go that extra mile during his training runs, if indeed he even bothered with road work back then. These days he looks a different man, he trains hard, focusses on his nutrition, and his body composition has changed for the better as a result. He actually looks more like an athlete now, which he will need to be if he's serious about dethroning the Heavyweight King whose reign has lasted well over a decade.
The fight takes place in the ESPIRIT Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany on October 24th, 10 days after the 15th year anniversary of winning his first ever world title back in 2000, when he claimed the WBO heavyweight strap with a unanimous decision over American, Chris Byrd.
The Kazakhstan-born Dr. Steelhammer is a man-mountain and very powerful, even the ultra-athletic and speedy, David Haye struggled with Wlad's size advantage and athleticism. I know the 'broken toe' took the blame and Haye genuinely didn't look himself on the night being unusually apprehensive throughout, but I think it's the opponent's style that has more of an impact on nullifying the performance. Styles make fights and often mitigate strengths as Klitschko's did with Haye or highlight weaknesses like Valuev struggling with Haye's speed and accurate peekaboo style.
We all know Dr. Steelhammer's manifesto of jab-and-grab or one-two-left hook, and this is where Fury comes into his own. He is so darn right unpredictable and this will cause Dr. Robotnic, as I prefer to call him, all sorts of problems! Wlad the Psychologist has met his match in Tyson Fury, inside and outside the ring. I don't think that he will be able to suss him out either side of the ropes!
The boxing world is a funny place where some fighters are built up, but are sadly all fluff and no substance. Other boxers don't get the recognition they deserve like Carl "the Cobra" Froch in his early days as a world champion. From what I've read, Fury seems to be underrated by a lot of people. He doesn't have a definite style and this may be the reason why. However, when I've watched him fight, I recognise the awkward style he poses and you can't deny that he causes highly-ranked opponents all sorts of problems. Plus, he's a BIG guy and can bang, he's also an intelligent boxer and only lets the big shots go once he's boxed his way into position!
One thing that comes into question is Fury's chin. I only say this as Cunningham dropped him during their fight. This was a shock as Cunningham is not a natural heavyweight and much smaller than Fury. Having said that, Fury showed a fighter's spirit to get up off the canvas to demolish the American. He has also taken some big shots from other solid heavyweights, that simply rebounded off his chin with no effect! Again, if nothing else, this shows Fury's unpredictability! The only thing predictable about Tyson Fury is that he's completely unpredictable!
Tyson does share one trait with his namesake and that's aggression! It would seem that during press conferences Fury often winds himself up, even with the most placid of opponents sharing the top table. You know the saying, "he could start a fight in an empty room"? Well, Tyson Fury could talk, wind up and provoke himself into a fight in an empty room!
I'm pretty sure Lee Swaby would agree, it was during their fight when the unimaginable happened - Tyson hit himself square in the face! He later quipped that it was the hardest shot he took all night! He's just the best character isn't he?!
Klitschko is obviously the bookies' favourite but I'll be having a cheeky bet on Fury, as I genuinely believe he's capable of an upset. It's a case of the young, hungry lion vs the old alpha male who, by the way, is showing signs of slowing down.
Klitschko has been the dominant alpha male of the heavyweight pride for so long, but every lion gets knocked off Pride Rock at some point! Has that time come for Klitschko? Is Tyson Fury the man to do it? I look forward to finding out and hope that Fury is that man, for two reasons: one, he's a fellow Brit and, two, excusing Mohammed Ali, Tyson would make the most entertaining heavyweight champion the world has ever seen!