Tyson Fury has cut ties with Daniel Kinahan, according to Bob Arum

Tyson Fury has cut ties with advisor Daniel Kinahan, according to Bob Arum

Published On Monday, June 29, 2020By British Boxing News

Tyson Fury allegedly cuts ties with negotiator, Daniel Kinahan

The WBC heavyweight champion faced a backlash after thanking Kinahan for negotiating the financial agreement with Anthony Joshua for a two-fight deal in 2021.

'The Gypsy King' Tyson Fury has long been a centre of much controversy. Between his numerous questionable remarks, his history of drug and alcohol abuse, and major career setbacks due to his struggles with personal life issues, it seems as though the man is a walking rollercoaster of controversies, with something new and interesting happening around him all the time, similarly to his namesake Mike Tyson.

Boxing fans always really love a good controversy, it goes hand in hand with the sport. This is even more so the case for the casual fans of the sport, who crave drama and knockouts. In fact, for such people, it’s things like Fury’s unparalleled showmanship and ability to stir up drama that keeps them coming back. This is precisely the reason why Fury is beginning to transcend the sport, and it’s becoming more and more common to see his character in unexpected places and pieces of media.

This, of course, can be explained because of the fact that Fury is such a marketable fighter that can be easily “sold” to the fans. America have adopted him as one of their own and a lot were supporting him over Deontay Wilder in the rematch.

Back in 2015, Fury rocked the whole world by upsetting all odds by schooling long-reigning titlist Wladimir Klitschko, who was a heavy favourite, so anyone who had any money on the underdog was likely to multiply it manyfold.

Due to this unpredictability of Fury, betting websites, casinos and online gambling sites are seeing the huge potential with the Brit and love to have their share in promoting this fighter. Whether that be in form of betting specials and coupons with websites like William Hill or Fury-themed casino games to play online, due to Fury’s unpredictability and the ability to upset the unlikeliest of all odds, he is universally loved and adored by all betting websites and companies. This is exactly why the man’s character is extensively used to promote their websites and media.

His antics and controversies are well documented, yet he is a modern-day hero to many. A recent controversial story surfaced that Fury has ties with a known mobster and gang leader, Daniel Kinahan.

Kinahan is believed to be one of the key players in the Irish mob scene and is allegedly involved in a large-scale international crime organisation, which is believed to exceed over €1 billion in value. Additionally, his gang is believed to have committed numerous “execution-type” murders, all related to his crime endeavors such as illegal drugs and firearms business activities.

Founding member of worldwide management company MTK Global, Kinahan has been acting as a negotiator to make Fury’s fights for quite some time now, allegedly around three years or more. It was reported recently that he played a major role in securing the two-fight deal with Anthony Joshua, which is one of the most highly-anticipated bouts not only on the British level but in the whole boxing world.

Tyson Fury even personally thanked Kinahan for securing this deal on his Instagram page, which, expectedly, didn’t go down very well. Even Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach of Ireland, responded to the fact, stating that he was “taken aback” by Fury’s actions, considering that Kinahan was not a type of individual for a big famous figure like Fury to be addressed in such a positive manner. The media, of course, also had a field day with this, and many rumours and discussions started to surface, all of which was definitely a negative look for Fury.

As such, Fury is believed to have cut the ties with Kinahan, as Bob Arum just announced, stating that he will be responsible for for all negotiations for Fury's fights in the future. This would be yet another blow to Kinahan’s efforts to clean up his reputation, as this would also bring a lot of negative publicity to his already-damaged reputation.

Promoter Arum did take the time to praise Dan as someone he admires and respects, and wished him luck.