Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder trilogy fight could move to the Middle East

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder trilogy fight could move to the Middle East

Published On Thursday, May 21, 2020By British Boxing News

Fury and Wilder do to battle on foreign soil in trilogy fight

There won’t be any home-ground advantage for either Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder during the third and final installment of their series after promoter Bob Arum said both fighters would have to dust off their passports for the bout. This may come as more of a shock to Wilder than Fury given the Englishman hasn’t enjoyed home comforts in his last five bouts. 

In fact, the last time Fury was at home in Manchester was against Sefer Seferi on the 9th June, 2018 in one of the most farcical fights you are likely to ever see. Poor old Seferi couldn’t get out the ring fast enough even though he was fighting an out of shape Tyson Fury who had been living it up on the beaches of Marbella only a few months previously. Fury hardly ever fights in the UK, partly due to the way that he has been treated in the past, so it will be no skin off his back if the third fight moves to the Middle East.

Wilder on the other hand...

The same can’t be said for Wilder however, as the 34-year-old desperately needs all the advantages that come with fighting in America - if you know, you know. With that said, not even the guys tallying up the scores ringside could do anything about their last bout at the impressive MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Fury beat up Wilder so badly that the Bronze Bomber’s corner threw the towel in during the seventh round as the long-reigning champion had blood pouring from his ears and mouth.

Having witnessed such a brutal beating, your mind was instantly taken back to when Fury called Wilder a one-trick pony in 2018, and how accurate that surmising of the Alabama native's fighting abilities turned out to be. Wilder looked so far out of his depth during the second fight that there have been calls for him to step aside and save himself further punishment, many believing he has finally been found out. 

Although, that isn’t the official line coming out of Frank Warren’s company Queensbury Promotions who represent Fury. Far from it actually as they have insisted that they won’t pay Wilder a king’s ransom not to fight and that he should move aside only for the good of his health. What you can garner from that is Tyson Fury’s camp knows full well that they have Wilder's number, and won’t be parting with so much as a pound to see the back of him. 

It’s as much a business decision as it is a sporting one and with news now coming out that the next rematch won’t be in America, you can imagine a scenario where Wilder’s hand is forced as he decides to live to see another day by letting Fury get on with his plan to fight Anthony Joshua.

Amazingly, Joshua is seen as the underdog to win an upcoming fight with Fury, which does tell you how much the tables have turned over the past 24 months. After all, only a short while ago AJ was seen as untouchable with Fury way down the pecking order to fight him. It is amazing what an uppercut from Andy Ruiz Jr can do to one’s career prospects. With that in mind, there will be thousands of fans backing AJ’s power against Fury’s guile whey they do meet. Punters who feel that AJ is still the man to beat can browse through a selection of free credits at the best UK betting sites for the fight and minimise the risk. We may, however, be getting a bit ahead of ourselves as Deontay Wilder has stated his intentions of fighting Fury first.

Where could the third fight possibly take place?

With the US and UK off the table due to travel restrictions, the Middle East comes to mind given that Anthony Joshua fought there in December 2019 when he beat Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia. Also, the Middle Eastern kingdom is becoming increasingly known for putting on big sporting contests after hosting the WWE’s Crown Jewel event in October 2019, where none other than Tyson Fury featured in a match against Braun Strowman. Fury has no problem heading out to the Middle East to fight.

It's anyone's guess what happens next during these uncertain, restricted times, but something just says that Tyson Fury’s next fight will be at Wembley on a cold winter's night against a fellow Englishman.