Tyrone McKenna launches yet another attack on Ohara Davies

Tyrone McKenna launches yet another attack on Ohara Davies

Published On Thursday, January 23, 2020By British Boxing News

Tyrone McKenna has launched his latest attack on Ohara Davies ahead of the #GoldenContract semi-finals

‘The Mighty Celt’ (20-1-1, 6 KOs) enters the February 18 draw alongside Davies (20-2, 15 KOs), Mohamed Mimoune and Jeff Ofori ahead of the colossal final four showdowns at York Hall on February 21.

Having been involved in a physical altercation with Hackney’s ‘Two Tanks’ at the featherweight quarter-finals, the fire of rivalry is burning in the Belfast man more brightly than ever.

McKenna said: “Ohara Davies is desperate to be me. He has a new coach because I have a new coach. It’ll make no difference. Angelo Dundee could resurrect himself and train him for 10 years and Ohara still couldn’t get good enough to beat me.

“I’m not worried about anything or anyone in this tournament. Under the guidance and tutelage of Peter Taylor, I’m going to clean up in this competition. Confidence is sky-high and people should be ready to see a new Tyrone McKenna.

“I could say all the usual cliched things about cutting no corners, flying in sparring and get ready for a masterclass blah blah. Who gives a sh*t? You’ll see on February 21. Whoever steps in front of me is getting either knocked out or shut out.

“As for Mimoune, I’m the solution to ‘The Problem.’ Under Peter Taylor, I’m supremely confident I’ll beat him. Jeff Ofori is coming up from lightweight and I know he’ll be training his balls off but I’m simply too good to lose to him.

“Everyone knows I’m the big draw in this competition. Remember the quarter-finals? I brought a much bigger crowd over from Ireland than some fighters who live around the corner from York Hall managed to bring. That tells you about the support I have.”

Along with the super-lightweight semi-finals, Leigh Wood, Ryan Walsh, Jazza Dickens and Tyrone McCullagh battle it out for places in the featherweight #GoldenContract final.


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