Top tips for betting on boxing

Top tips for betting on boxing

Published On Tuesday, December 10, 2019By British Boxing News

Boxing Betting Resources

If you love to watch an exciting boxing match, then you may be interested in betting on the sport some time. You can wager on different aspects of upcoming fights. Depending on how they go, you’ll receive some decent winnings.

Boxing betting can be a fun way to make a little extra money, not to mention how thrilling betting can be. Sometimes, it all comes down to a single moment during a fight. When betting on a match, you can feel that same rush of adrenaline without ever getting in the ring.

To get started, read on to learn about some basic boxing betting resources.



To gamble on a fight, you need to know when it is happening. That is why scheduling is an important resource. For most of the big fights that feature major players, a variety of sporting channels will have announcements about them ahead of time.

You can also find information readily available on the internet. Visit sports betting sites like Gclub or sports media apps. If you use a betting site, you can easily bet on multiple fights at a time, even if they are happening simultaneously. If you want to be strategic about it, you can schedule your fights based on their value and likelihood.


Understanding the Sport

If you don’t consider yourself that fluent in the sport itself, it is always a good idea to brush up some basic knowledge. Gambling on boxing may seem straightforward, but the sport has a lot of nuances. The more you understand the different complexities of the sport, the better off you will be. Your wagers will be more informed, and it may increase your chances of winning.

For example, one important detail is the different weight classes. Depending on their size and weight, a boxer ranks in a specific weight class such as heavyweight or lightweight. They face opponents who are in the same weight class. Some boxers have been known to float between weight classes during their careers. Other important things to know about include stance and fighting style.

As you gain a deeper understanding of the sport, you’ll also be able to tell the up-and-coming stars who could rake in some serious cash from the veteran boxers whose techniques make them undefeatable.


Resources for Stats and Training

When wagering on a fight, research each boxer. If you look online, you can explore websites that feature a variety of boxing histories. You can find a specific fighter’s statistics to get an idea of how they fight. You also can find information on where they trained and who trained them.


Setting Up Funds

Funding is another important resource for betting on boxing. Before you even begin, make sure that you have the funds to gamble with in the first place. Sometimes, that’s where people get into trouble. They make wagers with money that they can’t afford to lose.

These are only a few of the important betting resources. As you develop your own strategies, you can use this guide as a checklist to remember the basics. The only way to cash in on boxing is to start your first bet!

Please gamble responsibly.