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Tommy Langford answers fans questions on KO Boxing Forum

Published On Monday, February 23, 2015By Tim Rickson
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Tommy Langford engages with fans on KO Boxing Forum

Fresh from his 12 professional win and third career KO, Birmingham boxer Tommy Langford took part in an exclusive Q&A session on KO Boxing Forum in association with this week.

The Frank Warren prospect, originally from Barnstaple in Devon, spoke to the fans directly to answer questions on his ring career, hobbies outside of boxing and his views on the top middleweights in the UK right now. If you would like to post your question to the talented middleweight prospect then click here 

Tommy is still answering questions from boxing enthusiasts all week.

What side of your game have you worked on the most since turning professional? "Since turning professional, we have done a lot of work on distance in order to create more power, body punching but I think most importantly and probably the biggest improvement has been in my inside defences."

Aside from boxing, do you have any hobbies or interests that you pursue? "Aside from boxing, I'm also a personal trainer although I don't do as much anymore. Where ever possible I go and watch West Brom as I'm a big follower and I've always been able to surf so try to get back to Devon in my breaks and get in the water."

Do you have any short or long-term goals within the sport and if so, have you set yourself a timescale on reaching them? "Short term from 6-12 month - win my first title and gain championship round experience. Long term from 12-18 months - British and Commonwealth and 18+ months - anything beyond!" Y

ou signed for Frank Warren quite recently. How did that come about and were there any other offers on the table? "The recent signing came about because Frank Warren's team showed interest and worked closely with my trainer, Tom Chaney. I haven't been approached by any other promoters during my boxing career."

Who was your boxing idol growing up? "My idol growing up has to be Marvin Hagler." Who are the best 3 p4p fighters today in your opinion? "Best p4p fighters at the moment have to be Mayweather, Andre Ward however inactive, and Gennady Golovkin."

Are you planning to stay at 160 longer or move up to 168 in nearer future? "I have no intention to move up from 160, I make the weight well and only in the last 12 months properly moved up from 154. I have the size to eventually go to 168 if the fights are there for me but that won't be for a good while."

Out of the British and Irish Middleweight wolf-pack, who'd you like to fight the most (BJS, Eubank Jr, Macklin, Ryder, Etches, Murray)? "That's a tough one. I think if I continue to progress and build the way I am then a fight with Billy Joe Saunders would be a very exciting fight for fans and great to be in given our styles are both high tempo box fighters. However, I think it's further away than some of the others there. I think Ryder and Etches are closer and aren't fights that I'd shy away from. Macklin and Murray are beyond fighting me in terms of age and levels which just leaves Eubank Jr., who I'd love to fight!"

Hi Tommy, just wondering if you currently have a fanbase and do you find it easy to shift tickets for your fights? "In terms of fans, I currently have a decent fan base who are very loyal and tend to support, no matter the distance. I sell a reasonable amount but am always trying to shift more and it's never easy."

Boxrec list you as from Barnstaple in Devon. When did you make the move to Birmingham and any plans to fight in Devon, in the future? "Originally I'm from Bideford in North Devon but have been based out of Birmingham since 18 so the last 7 years. I would love to fight in Devon at some point as I believe I'd sell it out. I have a lot of Devon fans make the trip up the M5 every fight." I follow all sports to be honest. As a kid and teenager I've competed in every sport available to me. In particular tho I follow West Bromwich Albion as all my family are season ticket holders. When I'm training I typically do a 2hour boxing session which will involve: warm up, shaddow, bag work, sparring or pad work, skipping & circuits and then in the evening will either do a strength & conditioning session lasting around 90mins or an hour running session this could be slow and steady or sprints.

Who is the toughest opponent you have fought to date? "Toughest opponent in pros was Alistair Warren mainly because at the time of fighting him I hadn't experienced his sort of style. As an amateur my toughest and best opponents were Anthony Fowler and Callum Smith."

Who is your dream opponent at your weight? "My dream fight at my weight would be Miguel Cotto in current time, huge ppv name in America, great champion with an exciting style and is beatable. But dream fight in history would be with Marvin Hagler he's the best middleweight ever in my opinion so be good to see how great he was."

Tommy, you are driving through the pro ranks, you are a good looking chap, good talker and I found out at one of your fights that you are hung like a donkey and perform like Duracell- so obviously very gifted, what would you say your weaknesses are? "Haha! That's class, depends in what department your talking mate. In boxing, I'd say at the moment I still need to work on my defence and continue to develop my power and ring generalship. In the other department I don't have a weakness."

We all know boxing carries with it a certain degree of risk to health, but what do you say to those who call for a ban on boxing? "People who call for a ban on boxing need to realise that far more serious injuries occur in other sports such as rugby on a regular basis. Boxing itself is done under a controlled environment with as much medical support and precautionary measures taken as can be by the board of control. If boxing was banned it would go underground and potentially be very dangerous."

Do you think boxing is still thriving as a sport, or do you agree with those who claim it is heading for trouble? "Boxing at the moment is doing well, I feel. Obviously, it could do with more exposure and I feel national press/news should do more for boxing however with NBC getting involved in USA and ITV and Channel 5 as well as Sky and Box Nation getting back into boxing, I think it's only a good thing and will bring a greater audience back to boxing so don't think it's heading for trouble."

If you could pick three fights to make in boxing what would they be? "Three fights I'd like to see are: Golovkin vs Ward; Wilder vs Fury; Crawford vs Garcia."