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Tommy Frank vs Rosendo Hugo Guarneros fight details - time, date, TV channel, undercard, schedule, venue, betting odds, predictions, ring walks and live stream info

Published On Tuesday, June 15, 2021By Tim Rickson

How to watch the Tommy Frank vs Rosendo Hugo Guarneros championship fight

'Super' Tommy vs 'Verdugo' Hugo

BBN have provided viewers with all the details needed to tune in and watch Sheffield's 'Super' Tommy Frank (13-1, 3KOs) and Mexico's Rosendo Hugo Guarneros (18-4-2, 9KOs) clash in a championship contest on the 169th day of the year.

All the details you could possibly need to watch the Friday night main event listed below:



The bout takes place on Friday, June 18, which is the same day in history, 80 years ago, that Joe Louis KOd Billy Conn in 13 for the heavyweight boxing title.



Sheffield Arena Car Park, Sheffield.


Rounds scheduled

12x three-minute rounds at flyweight (112lbs).



Hugo deends his IBF Inter-Continental flyweight title for the first time, to the same man he won the belt against in their last fight last December, where Frank was forced to retire in round eight with an injured left shoulder.



The ringwalks for the main event are expected from 10pm UK time, but that will depend on the undercard results.


TV Coverage

Coverage for the undercard fights begins live and exclusive on SecondsOut YouTube Channel at 5:30pm

The main event starts live on the Fightzone TV at  7:25pm.


Live Stream

You can live stream the fight HERE 



Subscription to Fightzone TV costs £4.99 per month - Sign up HERE


Undercard Highlights

Former English middleweight champion Reece Cartwright (22-1, 13KOs) is back in the ring for the first time since becominng the national champion almost three years ago in 2018. The Leeds star will face Wolverhampton's Antony Woolery (2-5) over six-rounds at light-heavyweight.



Popular flyweight Frank meets former opponent Guarneros for a second time, hoping to reverse the only defeat on his record and pick up the IBF Inter-Continental Flyweight Title that alluded him the first time around.

The pair met in December last year with Guarneros upsetting the odds and returning to Mexico with the belt.  In an entertaining tussle, the action was hotting up before being dramatically halted with a disconsolate Frank forced to retire after eight rounds with an injury.

Determined to get his career back on track, ‘Super’ Tommy has absolute tunnel vision on Guaneros.  The North American has lost just four times in 24 outings – one of those reverses coming to IBF World Flyweight Champ Sunny Edwards – and is a typical tough Mexican operator.



Frank: “I can’t thank my team enough for getting me this opportunity.  It was my first defeat and I want to right that wrong, put it to bed and prove I’m the better fighter.  It’s been a while to get here, but I can’t wait for my chance at redemption.  I’m approaching this like the first fight never happened.  It’s back to square one; it’s a fight I need to win to get back in the IBF world rankings and push on with my career.

“I’m expecting a better version of Guaneros, he’s coming back over here as the champion, and that will give him confidence.  He’ll be ring walking and weighing in second, you have to give him respect and he’ll be well up for it.  He knows he hit the jackpot in December, and he’s not going to want to let go of that title.  I wasn’t finding him too difficult first time around and felt like the fight was going my way before the injury, but I’m expecting him to be sharper and stronger … and that is OK because I will be as well.”



Tim Rickson, BBN Editor: “I believe that Tommy Frank will be back better than ever and will not want to let this title slip him by another time. I predict he will win a tough, close match on points.”



Age: 27
Bouts: 14
Rounds: 89
KOs: 21.43%
Height: 5' 7"

Age: 30
Bouts: 24
Rounds: 133
KOs: 37.5%
Height: 5' 7"


Running Order

#1 Marshall Got vs Daryl Pearce
4x3 Super-lightweight contest

#2 Linzi Buczynski vs Gabriella Mezei
4x2 Super-featherweight contest

#3 Adam Sircat vs Jamie Quinn
4x3 Welterweight contest

#4 Jake Andrews vs TBA
4x3 Middleweight contest

#5 Perry Howe vs Pawel Strykowski
4x3 Cruiserweight contest

#6 Reece Cartwright vs Antony Woolery
6x3 Light-heavyweight contest

#7 Michael Gomez Jr. vs TBA
8x3 Super-featherweight contest

#8 Keanen Wainwright vs Irvin Magno
8x3 Lightweight contest

Main Event
Tommy Frank vs Rosendo Hugo Guarneros
12x3 IBF Inter-Continental flyweight title


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