The rise of livestreaming - Bringing boxing to your fingertips

The rise of livestreaming - Bringing boxing to your fingertips

Published On Thursday, December 5, 2019By British Boxing News

Live Streaming Brings Boxing to Your Fingertips

Boxing fans love to feel as though they are in the thick of the action. They want to hear the vocal reactions of the fighters, watch them sweat and see the impact of a great punch.

Going to a live boxing match presents an opportunity to do this. However, tickets are not always easy to come by and they can be expensive; especially at ringside. Live streaming is an excellent alternative. It allows fans to savour the live boxing experience without having to travel to the venue. It's also available using mobile apps, so people can keep up with the action wherever they are.


The rise of livestreaming

The ability to live stream events has existed for more than 20 years. However, it has risen in popularity as the reach of the Internet has expanded. Boxing is just one of the industries that has benefited from developments in live streaming technology.

The ability to livestream has also given a new dimension to other types of live entertainment. Online casinos like NetEnt have developed a live casino experience that allows players to get some of the excitement that they would expect in a brick and mortar premises. Platforms like Twitch have provided gamers with the opportunity to stream their game play. This has lead to players turning into global stars.  In the sporting world, boxing has been joined by other sports such as football and NFL in having major events streamed online. This has completely revolutionised the fan experience.


Warnings over disreputable streaming providers

There is no doubt that live streaming has enhanced the experience of boxing fans. However, it's important that people are aware of the potential dangers of streaming providers that are not reputable.

Some sites request payments via PayPal but do not have permission to screen fights. This means that fans can end up paying cash and then be unable to watch the action due to copyright infringement issues.

The other risk to using an unauthorised provider is that the streaming can leave users open to malware and virus issues. No-one wants to have this sort of problem.

Aside from these dangers, the streaming of events by non legitimate providers can be low quality. For this reason, it's important to understand how to get the best possible experience. 


How to live stream big fights

In order to get the best live stream experience, without the risks, boxing fans need to rely on authorised providers. Many big fights are screened on Sky Sports Box Office and also streamed live using the Sky Sports Box Office App. This means that boxing enthusiasts have big matches at their fingertips.

No longer is it necessary to be at the venue or in front of a TV to watch the biggest boxers take to the ring. Now, people who love the sport can follow their favourite fighters using live streams on a mobile device. As live streaming technology continues to advance, so will the quality of these viewing opportunities.