Pro boxers reveal their best boxing gloves to buy

The best boxing gloves to buy according to pro boxers

Published On Tuesday, June 9, 2020By British Boxing News

Pro boxers reveal their best boxing gloves to buy

The key to any sport is getting the right tools for the job and boxing is no exception. There are plenty of different gloves out there and it becomes increasingly challenging to choose the best one.

So, BBN asked a host of professional boxers which are the best boxing gloves here to buy, in their expert opinions, and this is what they said:


Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"I love wearing Rival, however I'm also a fa of Everlast gloves."


Derrick Osaze
Ultimate Boxxer 3 Champion

"Winning are my best band of gloves."


Connor Butler
Unbeaten flyweight

"Mexican Cleto Reyes."


Nick Ball
Unbeaten super-featherweight



Harry Woods
Unbeaten middleweight

"Cleto Ryes."


Junior Thompson
Unbeaten super-welterweight

"Probably Everlast."


Carly Skelly
Unbeaten bantameight from Liverpool



Dan-Dan Keenan
Welterweight prospect



Ace Adam
Unbeaten super-middleweight

"Ringside gloves and I also like Everlast."


Miles Shinkwin
English light-heavyweight champion



Rohan Date
Unbeaten super-lightweight



Mark Bridger