Sugar Ray Robinson wins ‘eWBSS Middleweight Legends Tournament’

Sugar Ray Robinson wins ‘eWBSS Middleweight Legends Tournament’

Published On Tuesday, April 7, 2020By British Boxing News

Sugar Ray Robinson back on top of the world once more

Sugar Ray Robinson won the ‘eWBSS Middleweight Legends Tournament’ after schooling Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright over 6 rounds in Sunday’s final shown on World Boxing Super Series Facebook.

The history of the sport is full of results no one had seen coming. But the limit is reached in middleweight edition of the eWBSS.

After a week of unbelievable upsets Sugar Ray Robinson reinstated order in the world of boxing at the eBoardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Robinson controlled the final early on with his jab and appeared quicker and smarter than Wright, who surprisingly took out legends such as Sugar Ray Leonard and Carlos Monzon on his way to the tournament decider. This time Wright became the knockout victim.

Robinson KO’d Fernando Vargas and Jake LaMotta en route to the final and scored two knockdowns against Wright, the latter – a right hand one-punch KO – put ‘Winky’ down and out for the night in the middle of the 6th.

Robinson was up 49-46 on the judges scorecards at the time of the stoppage.

Sugar Ray Robinson, widely regarded as one the greatest boxer of all time in real-life, becomes the second to win an eWBSS tournament. Last week the eSport version of Mike Tyson took home the eAli Trophy in the Heavyweight Legends Tournament after conquering the Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali.

The eWBSS tournaments, simulated on EA Sports ‘Fight Night Champion’, are created by the real World Boxing Super Series to provide some much-needed relief and entertainment for fight fans around the world during these testing times.

eWBSS eAIi Trophy winners:

eWBSS Middleweight Legends Tournament: Sugar Ray Robinson

eWBSS Heavyweight Legends Tournament: Mike Tyson

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