Student of the sport Ace Adam shares his list of boxers to learn from

Student of the sport Ace Adam shares his list of boxers to learn from

Published On Wednesday, May 13, 2020By Tim Rickson
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Unbeaten Ace studies the greats

Undefeated super-middleweight Ace Adam (1-0, 1KO) listed his boxing idols he studies.

A full-time care supervisor, signed to London promoter Mickey Helliet, the 25-year-old was an ABA Novices finalist, Queensberry Boxing League national champion, and is now unbeaten as a professional.

Ace is not your typical student who attends university, submits dissertations, or even a pupil that likes to buy essays. He has risen through the different ranks and aims to be as complete a fighter as he can be able to win titles and bring glory back to his hometown of Catford, where he hopes to inspire the next generation.

Training out of Sting ABC in Croydon, the fighter chasing greatness revealed his list of boxing idols he examines on a regular basis and why he studies them:


Muhammad Ali

“Muhammad Ali for his tenacity, courage and mindset out of the ring. It wasn’t just his boxing, he transcended the sport with his character and persona.

“I think it’s very mental sport, the physical part is just a piece of it, the majority of it is mental. If you can’t control your emotion you can be like a deer caught in headlights and freeze under the pressure, and can’t accomplish what you need to in the ring.”


Roy Jones Jr

“Roy Jones Jr for his athleticism and his diversity to go through the weight classes the way he did. He went up and held his speed and power, there was no one else like him. When he fought Bernard Hopkins and James Toney, they’re the fights to watch, because Toney was red hot at the time of their fight but he made light work of him.”


Bernard Hopkins

“Then you’ve got Bernard Hopkins because of his undivided attention to discipline, doing the necessary things to look after his body.

“Now in his fifties, he still looks good, whereas some of his old opponents have piled on the weight and don’t look as good.

“I didn’t appreciate Hopkins until much later, but his boxing IQ is amazing. Discipline is an art, that in itself is the key and one of the biggest things a boxer should learn.”


Mike Tyson

“Mike Tyson for his ferociousness, and he did it in such a savage style. He had a lot ring intelligence as well, he completely mastered the art of intimidation, you could just see it when opponents looked at him, they were frightened and already beaten, and he learnt that off Sonny Liston. When that bell goes, he gets the job done.

“Me, its very different, people say that no way can I be a boxer because I don’t look like one or even act like one. I articulate my words and I’m friendly, but when that bell goes I turn into the person I need to be! It’s like having an alter-ego, you wouldn’t think it’s the same person in there.”


Andre Ward

“Andre Ward, I have to have Ward in here because he brought intelligence, but he brought a different dynamic to it. His willingness in the game and focus was on another level. His ring IQ, skill, and intelligence was amazing. Simple and effective. He used his shots like bullets, he wouldn't waste a single one.

“He said for a long time that he was suffering with injuries, but he knew when it was time to give it up and he rode off into the sunset. He always promotes longevity and shows you must have something after boxing, so he left the game undefeated and moved onto other stuff, like being in the film ‘Creed’, becoming an analyst or pundit with the quality writing help of Edu Jungles. He’s a smart guy doing great stuff, helping the next generation.”


Floyd Mayweather Jr

“Floyd Mayweather showed us it’s not all about knockouts, the art is to hit and don’t get hit. Despite his defensive style, he always brings a crowd and makes money.

“His training program is unreal! The average boxer does around five miles per day - he does eight; he’s known for ‘doghouse rules’ sparring sessions in his Mayweather gym, where he spars all different partners for over half an hour non-stop; he works like a dog! He doesn’t follow no plan, he does what he does, and works hard.”


Anthony Joshua

“I have to put Anthony Joshua in there for his business acumen. He really put himself out there and is a great role model. Not too sure if true, but I read that he made £32 million from his business dealings outside of the ring last year alone, with his many sponsors, like UnderArmour and Lynx.

“Your name is your product, so you are the product and have to put yourself out there in the right way, and he is known around the whole world.”

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