Sohail Ahmad looking for busy 2015 – two fights booked for March already

Published On Friday, November 28, 2014By Tim Rickson
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Sohail Ahmad ready for a busy year

Unbeaten light-welterweight from London, Sohail Ahmad 5(1)-0-0 already has two fight dates booked in March 2015 to kick off the year with a busy start – as he means to go on. 

Ahmad, originally from Afghanistan, fights on March 7th at his regular haunt, York Hall, Bethnal Green – the same setting for the five straight victories so far in his career. Opponent is still to be confirmed over four three minute rounds.

Then, the next date of March 28th will see Ahmad taken out of his familiar surroundings in London for the first time heading to Portsmouth, Hampshire to compete in his seventh professional contest since starting his journey against Kristian Laight on 29th June 2013.

The unbeaten boxer known as Showstar, stated, “Got one in the York Hall and the second is taking me out of my comfort zone in Portsmouth. Met with Steve Goodwin only last month and said that I’ll be out in March, April, May, June, July. If that’s what they expect from me then that’s what I’ll do.” 

These ambitious plans are to push Ahmad’s record up to 8-0 to begin challenging for titles.

The six foot tall light-welterweight commented, “We’re looking at three more fights of six-rounders and then we’ll get a shot at a title and then I’ll go for the Southern Area. We are also in talks with people from Dubai in a televised show for a Pan-Asia WBC title or something similar, if it’s vacant then we can go for that.”

Sohail Ahmad is currently out with a hand injury sustained in his last fight against Kristian Dochev at the York Hall in October. The Afghan light-welterweight impressed in East London on Saturday October 11 as he scored a clear points win over Kristian Dochev over four rounds. The celebrations were slightly marred, however, as Sohail dashed straight to hospital to have a hairline fracture treated.

The Londoner optimistically concluded, “I’ll be back in sparring from January onwards and I’ll be mixing it up with the likes of Tyrone Nurse, Kid Galahad, Mitchell Smith, and others are lined up for the next fight. I’m at the level now where I need to be mixing it with these guys.” 

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Sohail would like to thank his sponsors, Mansour Ahmadzai of Universal Alliance Group and Alex Sustov of and PR Manager, Tim Rickson.