Undefeated running order

13 unbeaten prospects in action on stacked Black Flash Promotions event

One day before the quadrennial Leap Year date, a group of eight unbeaten prospects from the Everton Red Triangle Gym in Liverpool take to the ring in the first of five scheduled shows in 2020.

Trained by Paul Stevenson, the talented octet of fighters will strive to keep their perfect records intact at the Grand Central Hall in Liverpool, alongside five other top talents, also protectiong their zeros. Together, they boast a 56-0 record!

Doors Open 6:30pm

First Bell: 7pm


Fight 1:
Jack McKinlay (1-0) vs Michael Likalu (0-1)
4x3 Welterweight contest


Fight 2:
James Heneghan (3-0) vs Scott Williams (0-4)
4x3 Super-middleweight contest


Fight 3:
Jonathan Walsh (3-0) vs Chris Adaway (10-63-4)
4x3 Super-lightweight contest


Fight 4:
Junior Thompson (1-0) vs Kevin McAuley (15-204-12)
4x3 Middleweight contest


Fight 5:
Carly Skelly (2-0) vs Claudia Ferenczi (20-74-8)
4x2 Super-flyweight contest


Fight 6:
Karl Tierney (1-0) vs Ivan Bezverhyl (0-3)
4x3 Heavyweight contest


Fight 7:
Harry Woods (3-0) vs Kieron Thomas (0-7-1)
4x3 Super-middleweight contest


Fight 8:
Michael Hedges (2-0) vs Lee Connelly (7-54-4)
4x3 Lightweight contest


Fight 9:
Connor Butler (3-0-1) vs Brett Fidoe (13-59-5)
4x3 Super-bantamweight contest


Fight 10:
Brad Strand (2-0) vs Ed Bjorkland (1-34-1)
4x3 Super-featherweight contest


Fight 11:
Andrew Cain (4-0) vs Rafael Castillo (14-57-3)
6x3 Featherweight contest


Fight 12:
James Metcalf (20-0) vs Jan Balog (15-49-1)
6x3 Middleweight contest


Main Event

Nick Ball (11-0) vs Ivan Godor (20-72-4)
6x3 Super-featherweight contest


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