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Revealed - Diet that allows undefeated prospect to drop down a division

Published On Wednesday, November 14, 2018By Joseph Siza
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Undefeated prospect reveals diet that allows him to drop down a division to challenge for the English title

26-year-old super-bantamweight Ryan Walker (8-0) dropped down from featherweight to be able to challenge for the vacant English super-bantamweight belt on November 17 at the iconic ‘Home of Boxing’ York Hall.

The Londoner, known as ‘The Lion, has competed between 125lbs – 132lbs during his two-year professional boxing career, but will be forced to make the stringent 122lbs weight limit for his maiden title tilt.

Despite the rigorous regime he still gets to enjoy the odd cheat meal as he lifts the lid on his diet plan exclusively with BBN:

“I can’t give away too many of my secrets! I like to keep a balanced diet, but I am probably not the healthiest person as I like my junk food now and then! I like a little treat, but I usually cut this down to just once a week.

“Lately, I’ve been eating a good amount of protein – a lot of fish and chicken. I love my fruit and vegetables and have been using my blender a lot recently where I can just chuck all of my fruit and veg into there and make smoothies.”



I will always have a smoothie for breakfast, with eggs on toasted brown bread on the side. I like to keep it basic!



I snack a lot throughout the day on pieces of fruit so that would usually keep me going until the afternoon.



For lunch I usually have fish with salad – it’s light but still keeps me going. Tuna is one of the best sources of protein there is, so I include a lot of that in my diet.



For dinner, I tend to have my rice, peas and chicken – that’s where my Jamaican food comes out! I try not to eat too late, because normally if you eat shortly before you go to bed, that’s when you put on weight so that’s the worst time to eat.



I have recently started taking protein shakes – I never used to believe in them but they have been helping a lot for recovery purposes. I’m training two to three times a day for six days a week, so recovery is very important.


Cheat Meal

I keep them controlled but I usually have my treat on the weekends. I love my ice cream, apple pies and chocolate cake! I love that food but when I’m in camp I obviously try and stay away from all of that and just limit it to once per week.