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Repeat or revenge? Predictions for Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin 2

Published On Tuesday, September 15, 2020By Tim Rickson

Who wins the Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin rematch?

Will it be repeat or revenge as Whyte gets second shot at Povetkin?

Dillian Whyte (27-2, 18 KOs) has an immediate opportunity to exact revenge over Alexander Povetkin (36-2-1, 25 KOs) on Saturday November 21 on as the heavyweight rivals collide in a blockbuster rematch, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK, once again completing the conclusion of the next schedule of events from Matchroom this Autumn.

WBC #5 Whyte is aiming to win back his WBC interim world title and mandatory position that Povetkin took from him, but who wins and why? BBN asked their panel of experts for their view:


Ben Davies
Global Boxing News Editor

"I personally think Dillian will win the second fight. He controlled the first fight throughout the early stages, and showed real dominance, having the opportunity to end the fight after the two knockdowns.

If he is able to work on his killer-instinct to end the fight, with trainer Xavier Miller, and his ability to be less vulnerable to the counter-punch, I believe he takes the victory."


Mark Tibbs
Boxing trainer

"More dangerous the second time round, but it has to be done!"


Ryan Clark
Co-Founder of Buy My Fight

"Povetkin proved exactly what I thought last time, ‘Don’t write him off’. I was bitterly disappointed for Dillian, but equally not overly surprised.

Moving to the rematch, I do think an adjustment will be made 100%. That for me, would be to seize any opening and go for the KO in the first half whenever the opportunity presents itself. I think Dillian will box the same, but just be a little more mindful of when that opportunity shows, he’ll take it.

I’ll go for a Whyte KO win, 1-6 rounds."


Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"I think all the confidence will be with Povetkin and Whyte is a type of character that thrives on it."


Ace Adam
Unbeaten super-middleweight

"I'm going to go with Dillian Whyte and the reason why is that I think he was little bit patient, took his time with Povetkin. This time he just needs to apply the pressure and give it maximum violence."


Erol Ceylan
Boxing promoter

"In my opinion, Dillian will make a big win over Povetkin this time. Of course, Povetkin is very dangerous but Dillian has very much potential and he will show it this time.

I await a huge knock-out from Dillian."


Alan Hubbard
Boxing Writer

"Povetkin to win by KO."


Tim Rickson
BBN Editor

"I predicted that Alexander Povetkin would win the first fight because I was worried for Dillian Whyte's choice to change trainers. I'm sure Xavier Miller will become an outstanding coach in time, but to go from someone like Mark Tibbs, who was responsible for whipping Whyte into the world-class fighter he is today, I found it a backwards move.

In the rematch, Whyte should aim to dominate again, but to finish the fight off when the opportunity arises. That fight-ending punch from Povetkin wasn't a defensive error though because Whyte's guard was up. I think he was too predictable and Povetkin just studied the patterns during the fight to land at the right time. Whyte has been predictable in all his fights and Povetkin knew the uppercut could make the difference, so Whyte has to somehow make those adjustments, but he's already said he doesn't need to make any changes, that he just needs to stay switched on and focused - I don't agree with that.

If Whyte dominates from the opening bell and kills the fight off when it comes, then it could be an early stoppage win for him, but for every minute he's in there, he will always be in danger of being kocked out."


Ben Day
Former Southern Area champion

"Obviously, I want Dillian to win but he has to be on his A-game because Povetkin is no joke. If you hurt him, Dillian, you have to make him pay, we can’t afford two losses."


Tony Tolj
Boxing Manager

"I think Whyte will get redemption, he will win a 12-round unanimous decision. Hats off to him after copping a brutal KO, but it shows the testicular fortitude of the man.

He will be more disciplined and box smarter - Dillian Whyte UD."


Kevin Campion
Head of Boxing Operations at Goodwin Boxing

"I think it will be convincing from Whyte second time around. He will be tentative at first but that will result in him being more switched on. 

I think it will be systematic and I think Whyte stops him inside seven rounds."


Anish Parekh
BBN Writer

"Whyte was fully detached from his senses in the first fight after being close to ending the bout himself. The feeling of being seemingly in control only to be dispatched in such a shocking and sudden manner will surely leave some trepidation in the mind of Whyte, regardless of how tough he is.

His best success came at the end of his long jab so he needs to keep utilising it to keep Povetkin at a safe distance before keeping him honest with occasional hard right hands.

Povetkin however, showed that despite his age, youth is no substitute for pedigree. He found gaps in Whyte's defence frequently and was calm under pressure. I don't see that changing in the rematch.

Povetkin by TKO around the 7th round."


Dee the Hat
Boxing trainer

"Aye, I think it’s very brave, but it sounds like he’s being a little naive to. I also can’t believe his management team are entertaining it but maybe they know a lot more than we think. I think he gets knocked out again, but I hope I’m wrong."


Nathan Weise
Southern Area title contender

"I predict Dillian Whyte winning inside six rounds, I think he hurts him early but this time he won’t let him off the hook. He needs to erase the last fight from his mind, find his range with the jab and boss the fight."

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