Reactions to Tyson Fury's incredible win over Deontay Wilder

Reactions to Tyson Fury's incredible win over Deontay Wilder

Published On Sunday, February 23, 2020By British Boxing News

Hear what fellow professionals in boxing think of Tyson Fury's incredible win over Deontay Wilder

On the same day in history that Britain's biggest ever robbery took place - when £53 million was stolen from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge - over 5,000 miles away Tyson Fury was taking a green and gold belt away from it's owner Deontay Wilder in front of 15,816 fans at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

He also stole Wilder's '0', which he had held onto for over 11 years.

We asked professionals from the sport of boxing what they thought of the momentous win that now sees all the heavyweight world titles in the hands of two Britons.


Ryan Walsh
British featherweight champion

"Tyson Fury is the miracle man of boxing and a genuine British National boxing treasure. I woke up unbelievably happy and proud of our gypsy legend aka king!

The three miracles I’ve witnessed with my own eyes are film worthy (watch this space) his story is for fairy tales, not real life. It’s been a unbelievable journey. Can’t give him any more props, he’s a special fighter/man and, as a boxing fan, I can and will tip my cyber hat.

To go to two men’s back yards three times and perform the way he does is nothing short of phenomenal. It’s well documented where he’s been and how low. I hope he enjoys this high and gives us boxing fans that super all-British heavyweight fight. Not sure there’s a venue big enough for Fury v AJ!

Tyson fury is the ultimate showman who has backed you everything he & his dad had said you can’t not RESPECT that. 

Knight him and give him that well overdue SPOTY award, he’s the most worthy Brit in this decade already!!!"


Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"I expected Fury to win on points. I thought he was playing mind games when he said about KOing Wilder. He proved a lot of people wrong and proved to everyone his versatility.

Brilliant performance! All hail the king!"


Ben Day
Southern Area lightweight champion

"Amazing! Just amazing performance! I’m absolutely buzzing and inspired, Fury said he would do exactly what he said he would and it was a perfect game plan, I had Fury from the start, but as we got nearer to the fight I was edging a Wilder stoppage, and for that, Tyson, I can only apologise; and this guy has hugely inspired me in my life.

I don’t want to even comment on his next fight as we all need to stop and appreciate what’s he’s just achieved.

I would like to see a homecoming on the top of a bus around London, that has to happen."


Paul Stevenson
Everton Red Triangle head coach

"Going in, I personally thought Fury would struggle to get past Wilder this time around so was surprised to see such a dominant performance from him.

Full credit to Fury who did what he had to do and used his size and weight to dominate and push the smaller man around. Wilder struggled to get any offence going, looked old, a little gun-shy and couldn’t really put any shots together. I wonder what his strategy was going in? I also thought the Wilder corner were quick to throw the towel in a fight for the heavyweight championship of the world but that’s their call. Great win for Fury."


Carly Skelly
Unbeaten professional boxer

"I had Fury winning before the fight.  thought he would out box him and out punch him, which he did. But Wilder was a true warrior and great respect to him. 

Would love to see him fight Anthony Joshua next, it’s a must, and again would back Fury."


Tony Tolj
Boxing manager

"I thought it was a tremendous fight. I predicted Fury to win but not in that manner. Fury really put on a clinic.

Really does seem pleasuring yourself seven times a day works and a dietary vaginal component for jaw strengthening!!

There really is only one Tyson Fury.

We all would love to see the AJ fight - all the marbles on the line."


Ekow Essuman
English welterweight champion

"Well, I thought Fury would out box Wilder, however , I thought Wilder would win regardless. Because of the equaliser, that is - his right hand. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see Fury stop him.

It was a given when you take into account he managed to get a draw with Wilder on their first encounter despite of a long bout of inactivity at that level. Hats off to Fury, he did the damn thing!"


Mark Tibbs
Boxing trainer

"Perfect performance perfect for British boxing, now let’s keep it on our shores... well done Tyson!"


Dee 'The Hat'
Boxing trainer

"I fancied Fury because boxing is an art and craft, and craft wise Tyson is incredible. He’s so so skilful for a man of his size. It didn’t surprise me because when Tyson is trained and prepared in the correct way and when he’s on it, he’s lethal!!

Who should he fight next? The Joshua fight is the only fight  in the heavyweight division now. And to be honest a fully prepared and switched on Fury destroys him too. Fair play to him, and the Kronk team, Emanuel would be very proud."


Andy Gatenby
Retired unbeaten professional boxer

"I thought last nights win for Fury was monumental. He absolutely destroyed Wilder. 

He etched himself into history as an all time great heavyweight. He’s number one in the world no doubt about it.

I believe that last night, any version of Wilder that turned up. In all his previous contests would of got the same beating. Tyson was outstanding. 

People now talking about AJ, A unification fight would be fantastic. But AJ for me is coming into that as number two all day long. 

I think that Tyson beats them all."


Sergio Michel
Guitarist/Songwriter & boxing superfan

"I cheered loudly when I knew Tyson Fury had won. It was my opinion he would win by KO and he did; especially because he bullied the bully.

I really like how he was humble and gave thanks to Jesus at the end. It is possible Fury has not shown his his best yet. I truly wanted to have him win all the belts back and retire with the undisputed unification in hand; however, I have no interest in Fury v Joshua.

Also, the Wilder rematch may be a wash too; as what can Wilder really do? I am not certain on who would be a meaningful fight for him to be honest. I'm just happy this man won. What a comeback story!"


Matt Marsh
Former British champion

"I personally thought that Fury was going to win on points or, if anything, Wilder to win early. I did not expect what Fury actually did. He broke a man that night, I don’t think Wilder will ever be the same fighter now.

Fury's game plan was spot on, so congratulations to him and his team."


Chris Glover
Unbeaten professional boxer

"Tactics were spot on. His footwork was incredible. Tyson kept Wilder moving to his left, where he was crossing his feet, therefore unable to detonate a big right hand. Fury completely controlled the rhythm and used his size advantage to the upmost effect. 10/10 for tactics and I believe that it was Tyson’s boxing’s IQ that was the reasoning behind the success.

For me it’s the best comeback since Muhammad Ali and outdoes George Foreman for me based on the issues that went on outside of the ring.

I don’t see the point in a third fight immediately right now. Fury can continue to grow his brand stateside and I’d love to see him headline Madison Square Garden. 

Wilder needs to rebuild, he may want the rematch but I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired. He’s made a lot of money and isn’t getting any younger. I wouldn’t rush into the third fight if I was Wilder. 

Fury in Top 5 P4P. He’s on the Loma, Crawford level."


Aqib Tahlat
British Boxing News Reporter

"I expected Tyson Fury to win but not in that fashion. He had the perfect game plan and executed it perfectly. He’s the best heavyweight in the world and just produced the best performance from a Brit away from home in my opinion. He’s the only boxer to end the reign of two heavyweights champions that have had 10+ title defences. Fury might look to fight Dillian Whyte as he’s waited very patiently for a shot but money talks and the big fight everyone wants is AJ and Fury."


Dan Blackwell
Professional boxer

"I had Fury to win by KO simply because that's what he said he was going to do . The 1st fight he won on points ,but looked as tho he could of stopped wilder in the later rounds if he had put it on him. Wilder looked done in the 3rd round, he looked disoriented, and looked as though he had done 12 rounds . Fair play to fury , he has shown the world ,not only he can box somones head off for 12 rounds but he can be the aggressor and bully the bully . Dont think any of the heavyweights can deal with him."


Mick Kane
Boxing / MMA reporter

"What a performance from Tyson Fury. I know he had said he was going to go for the stoppage and I thought he might for a round or two and then go back to out boxing Wilder. It was a great display. I fancied Fury on points. What next for him? Selfishly, a unification fight with Joshua later this year as I might be able to get along to it. I would expect Wilder to trigger his rematch clause though and I would still look forward to that. It appeared to me that Wilder suffered balance issues after the knock down in the third, I currently have issues with balance and dizziness so for him to fight on proved what a heart he has. Great night for Fury."


Gus Devlin
British Boxing News reporter

"Expected Wilder to win by stoppage.

I didn’t believe eight weeks was enough time for Fury to gel with Sugar Hill Steward and the tactics Fury spoke about I believed would play into Wilder’s hands.

Wilder looked very slow and ponderous. Possibly he didn’t carry the extra weight well.

Surprised shocked and in disbelief by what Fury did, he did everything he said he was going to do. Quite possibly the greatest sporting achievement by a Brit.

The undisputed fight with Anthony Joshua is quite simply the biggest fight to be made in boxing and for me it has to happen in England. Possibly the biggest British sporting event to happen ever? It has to happen.

Unless Wilder’s team triggers the clause for a third fight which I expect to happen.

What a time for British boxing. All of the belts held by two of our own."


Jordan Bright
British Boxing News reporter

"The fight itself was a brilliant encounter between two established heavyweights in the division. Both unbeaten and with a point to prove. There was controversy from the first fight as most people would agree that Tyson Fury won, even though he got knocked down twice during 12 rounds.

Everyone can agree they expected the fight to pick up where the first one left of. Fury wanted to outbox ‘the bronze bomber’ and he did to perfection. All Deontay Wilder possesses is one of the most powerful punches in the division. If you stop that then you stop Wilder from winning as he doesn’t have the best boxing ability.

I expected Fury to win the fight on points and I didn’t expect him to stop Wilder in under 12 rounds, let alone 7. The ‘Gypsy King’ stuck to his game plan and it worked to perfection. His switch in trainer before the fight is one recollection that Fury hails that helped him out a lot going into this bout.

Fury has already mentioned a rematch in his post-match press conference, and said only if Wilder wants it. But, the boxing world will want to see Fury fight Anthony Joshua next as now all the belts in the heavyweight division belong to the UK. Another encounter between Fury and Wilder would be a thrilling one, but if Fury has the ambition to claim all the belts, now is the time to schedule the main fight with his British rival Joshua."


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent

"Fury won the first fight, back in 2018, hands down. Wilder only had the knockdown rounds and perhaps the first round, so I had it at 111-115.

I was pleased to hear that Fury would go for the knockout in this fight, but it worried me when he said he'll meet him in the middle, because Wilder could have emerged the more dangerous of the two. However, he did what he said he'll do in the best way possible and there's no question now that he is the greatest heavyweight on the planet. He put Wilder on the backfoot and was looking to hurt him every single second. I loved the body shots, they were so effective. And don't tell me he's got pillow fists, because he hurt Wilder right fro the off.

Not taking anything away from Tyson, but Wilder didn't look like himself, but is that due his opponent breaking his heart? In the very first round, he was forced backwards, which he doesn't like, then he landed his right hand but Fury rode the shot, he tried to land again and missed then the round ended with a juggernaught jab in his face, which clearly buzzed him, so perhaps the fight fell out of him from the very start. No matter what, Tyson Fury was simply sensational and it's made my year!

Joshua is tied up with IBF mandatory Kubrat Pulev next, then he's got WBO #1 Usyk, who has already been made to wait so won't wait any longer, so that's AJ pretty much done for in 2020. Then Dillian Whyte is mandated to fight for the WBC in February, so there's no point getting excited about a unifcation fight just yet."


Ryan Clark
Co-Founder of

"Bit late to the party here but if still relevant, or even between us; I got that wrong! I thought Fury might get caught with a clumsy windmill although I knew he’s the better boxer by far.

In hindsight, I wish I’d stuck a score on him to KO. I went to do it whilst away last week but the bloody overseas wifi wouldn’t allow me to. Typical!

I thought the tactics were superb, and one that I called to be ‘what id do’ many times when the ‘vs Wilder’ discussions came about. Mainly, when talking about AJ vs Wilder… I’ve always said, AJ would have to box without any respect like he did for the first 18 odd fights, going out there moving forward throwing big punches.

Fury got that right.

Got no interest in Fury Wilder 3. Has to be Fury vs AJ now.

Then no matter what the outcome is I’d like to see Wilder vs AJ."