Rating the top 7 British Boxers of All Time

Rating the top 7 British Boxers of All Time

Published On Thursday, December 3, 2020By British Boxing News

Seven of the best

If you are interested in boxing and its extensive history, it is worth reading on to find a list of seven incredible British boxers that have reached the top and inspired a generation of boxers after them.

Many people associate Great Britain with cricket or football, being their two biggest sports, forgetting that boxing appeared there several centuries ago, so the little island actually boasts a rich history, with many famous names, legends, and numerous championships.

If you are interested in boxing, it can be useful to study the best British boxers' biographies to get additional motivation and inspiration. If you are a student and you don't know how to find time for your hobby, study the top essay writing services reviews to find the way out. How to define the top boxers? What factors play a crucial role here? Whether it is about the level of skills, victories, or popularity? People always value different criteria based on their personal preferences and expert opinion.


1. Benny Lynch

88-14-17, 35KOs

Undoubtedly the greatest fighter Scotland ever produced. The Ring Magazine rates Lynch in the top 5 greatest flyweights of all time, and was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1998.

It is when a tremendous success and a huge tragedy go hand in hand. This inspirational Irish immigrant, born in a tenement flat in Gorbals, Glasgow, made his way from poverty to fame by smashing his way through the flyweight rankings.

He first learned his pugilistic skills by fighting in carnival booths in his local area during the Great Depression. He only win eight from his first 15 fights, but then in March 1933, he began an unbeaten run that would last for three years!

He became British, European and World champion . However, his coin has a downside. In July 1938, he was fined by the BBBofC and stripped of his British and European titles, then had his boxing licence revoked for a breach of training regulations. He was arrested and chaged with assault in 1939 and continued to be fined by the British Boxing Board and was often in trouble with the law for drinking and assault.

He sadly passed away as a result of his drinking in 1946.


2. Ken Buchanan

61-8, 27KOs

He is often mentioned as one of the best post-war British boxers, and it is not for nothing since he achieved victory in 12 different countries during his glittering career. His victory in Puerto Rico over world lightweight champion Ismael Lagune in 1970 is considered one of the finest victories abroad ever by a British boxer.

If you study his biography in more detail, you will find a significant list of victories over skillful and serious boxers. He wasn't a classy puncher, but he knew how to work with his left hand very well. Besides, his stamina and techniques helped him become one of the best boxers of his time. You see, if you want to achieve success – start doing something, for example, train every day, read an essay services review, or watch your diet. Everything depends on your goal.


3. Jack 'Kid' Berg

157-26-9, 61KOs

If you have ever heard about "The Whitechapel Windmill," then you already know something about this boxer and his aggressive style. He gained tremendous fame in his homeland and then decided to try his luck in the USA. If you are good at boxing history, you might know how many victories his boxer got overseas. His fight and win over Chocolate were almost a cherry on the pie in Berg's career since his opponent was 56-0 at that time. In general, he won about 60 fights at home and more than 70 around the globe. Despite his career, he lived a long life and died at the age of 81.


4. Joe Calzaghe

46-0, 32KOs

From the most humble of beginnings, fighting out of a tiny shack in the Welsh valleys, Joe Calzaghe climbed the career ladder from the very first rung to the top. This formidable champion is one of very, very few in history that managed to retire undefeated. 23 years ago, he grabbed the WBO super middleweight title and became famous forever after in his area. He fought the world's best, such as undefeated world champion Mikkel Kessler, gathering a multitude of titles along the way. Even though he didn't gain much popularity in the USA, he finished his amazing career in 2008 after defeating their American hero Roy Jones Jr. Despite numerous hand injuries, he managed to build a wonderful career thanks to his incredible stamina and high intelligence level that allowed him to adapt to his opponents' various styles. So, before you decide to pay someone to write my paper, it is worth trying to adapt it to yourself.


5. Ted 'Kid' Lewis

191-32-14, 77KOs

This boxer managed to build a successful career lasting for about 20 years and included about 300 fights. And it is not to mention that he stood out from the rest with his aggressive style. Before he became a professional boxer, he mastered his fighting skills in the street. The first five years of his career took about 150 fights, both those that took place in Great Britain and Europe. When he just started his career, he demonstrated a British boxing style that underwent changes and became more aggressive in the USA.


6. Jimmy Wilde

131-3-1, 98KOs

'The Mighty Atom' had 105 victories before he lost for the first time. He won various titles both at home and in Europe before deciding to try his hand at fighting in the USA. If you lack inspiration, look at his impressive knockout victory in 1918. Three years later, a fight became the first step toward ending his career since he couldn't completely recover after the defeat. He suffered from various health issues and spent his last years in hospice. If you want to build a more successful career, it is worth studying speedypaper reviews to have a backup plan.


7. Bob Fitzsimmons

61-8-4, 57KOs

He did the impossible – won three titles in various divisions and became a champion in two of them. He won the title in the heavyweight category in 1899 and lost it two years later. His career that was lasting for about 29 years was full of wins and losses. He was called one of the most intelligent fighters of his era. Thus, his skillful technic and amazing stamina gave him the right to take place on the list of top British boxers of all time.