Contender VIP tournament

Promoter Mike Le-Gallez reveals the Contender VIP tournament will return bigger and better in 2020

Published On Monday, January 13, 2020By Chris Glover

Promoter Mike Le-Gallez plans to make Contender VIP tournament bigger in 2020

Mike Le-Gallez and Contender VIP have really burst onto the scene in Manchester in the second half of 2019, putting on two events that many have described as some of the best small hall shows they had ever witnessed, one of these being fight fan favourite Dave Allen.

Contender VIP has incorporated tournaments that have been inspired by the life's work of Manchester legend Phil Martin, in the creation of the Contender VIP tournaments which showcase some of Britain's rising talent facing off against each other. The first final of the Contender VIP tournament was a firecracker, with two undefeated fighters in Diego Costa and Boris Creighton putting it all on the line in the final. With Creighton ahead on the cards, Costa pulled out a sensational finish to stop the Scotsman in dramatic style

Le-Gallez reviewed his debut year as a promoter, "2019 was a great year. We really started strongly, putting on two excellent shows in the second half of the year at an amazing venue in Deangates's Hilton Hotel. One thing I enjoy about the event is that it is really a night of entertainment. We have great food, great entertainment and music and then the boxing which is full of well-matched 50/50 contests. That's what fight fans want to see.

"We set up the Contender VIP tournament alongside Champs Camp and in the memory of Phil Martin. The tournament format is inspired by the vision Phil had for professional boxing in Manchester and Britain, and we want to continue making the tournament bigger and better in Phil Martin's memory. I feel the conclusion of the light heavyweight tournament really signified that and that is what we want to see going forward." 

2020 is set to be a big year for the Manchester-based promotion, and with British boxing buzzing currently, there is not much of a better time to be a fighter. Le-Gallez opened up about his plans for the new year.

He said, "We've sold out our first two events quite comfortably, so now we are looking to really push on into making things bigger and better in 2020. This will start by finding a bigger venue to host our events. I am in talks with some great venues at the moment which holds 1000 plus people and I hope to announce that in the coming weeks.

"We will definitely have four shows this year, and I not only want to continue the Contender VIP tournaments, which will showcase different weight classes, but I also want to bring title level fighters to the shows. We are committed to putting on high quality, well-matched fights, and I can tell you that there will be titles on our shows in 2020, ranging from area titles all the way up to regional titles and they will involve some big names in Manchester and Britain so watch this space!"