Tom Bell shooting

Promising boxer Tom Bell tragically dies in shooting

Published On Friday, January 18, 2019By British Boxing News
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Boxing world reeling over death of Tom Bell, aged just 21

Tom Bell, a talented prospect in the featherweight divison, has been tragically killed after he was hit by a stray bullet in a suspected drive-by shooting at a family pub.

Tom, 21, was inside The Maple Tree in Doncaster on Thursday evening when shots were fired through the window and caught him fatally. 

Paramedics rushed to the scene and treated Mr Bell, while pub-goers were ushered into the garden.

The undefeated boxer, who had won all six fights, was given emergency treatment inside the pub but he tragically died from his injuries.

Ambulances attended the scene on January 17 and an air ambulance and armed police were deployed.

Following the shooting, bullet holes could be seen in two of the buildings' windows and eye witnesses reported a pool of blood on the floor.

James Harrington, his coach as a professional, said: "Tom had his full life ahead of him, he would have been the very best out there."

South Yorkshire Police said investigations were ongoing and appealed for witnesses to contact them.

No-one else was hurt in the attack and no arrests have been made.

People living nearby described hearing a bang "like a firework" and then seeing people run from the pub to their cars and drive away.

Jimmy Hanrahan, Mr Bell's cousin, said: "Me and Tom were very close, we sparred together, trained together. Tom was the life of the party."

Doncaster Plant Works ABC, where the featherweight trained, issued a statement: "We are absolutely devastated to announce the passing of a great warrior who has spent a huge amount of time over the years boxing with our club."

Head coach Paul Harrison said Mr Bell had boxed at the gym before turning professional aged 18.

He said: "Tom was an outstanding boxer, but also a considerate human being, who continued to visit the gym, inspiring and encouraging other young people, long after he went professional.

"Our gym will be a little emptier without him."

The young talent defeated two unbeaten fighters in back to back fights in 2016.

Heartbroken Doncaster residents have gathered outside the pub where Tom Bell was murdered to pay tribute to the promising boxer.