Predictions for Shakan Pitters vs Chad Sugden who wins and why betting odds

Predictions for Shakan Pitters vs Chad Sugden

Published On Tuesday, March 10, 2020By British Boxing News

Shakan Pitters vs Chad Sugden - who wins and why?

Shakan Pitters (13-0, 4KOs) and Chad Sugden (11-1-1, 4KOs) meet in a British Light-Heavyweight title contest on Saturday 28th March at the Coventry Skydome, exclusively live in the UK on Channel 5.

The Newark ‘Body Snatcher’ is preparing to chop down his towering Birmingham rival with rib-breaking punches but will have to deal with a six-inch height deficit as well Pitters’ staggering 85 inch reach - 10 inches more than Chad's.

Sugden plans to attack Ultimate Boxxer winner Pitters to the body from the first bell, but what are BBN's resident boxing experts predicting?


Steve Wood
VIP Promotions

"As a stand-in, this is a very good replacement and match, but I'm just edging with Pitters due to his reach advantage, awkwardness and power.


Ace Adam
Unbeaten super-middleweight prospect

"Taller, rangier Shakan Pitters should win by unanimous points victory."


Joel McIntyre
English light-heavyweight champion

"Don't know a lot about Chad Sugden, but if Shakan Pitters wins then hopefully he still has the belt so him and I can have our long overdue match-up for it early next year!"


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent

"I'm a big fan of Shakan and I believe he can weather anything that Sugden throws his way. He showed in his English title fight with Dec Spelman that he can go deep into the trenches and have a war if neccessary.

He's obviously got the physical attributes to box from range, with his Thomas Hearns-type physique and style, but if Sugden takes the fight to him, then I believe he will also come out on top. Neither figer has a lot of KOs on the records, and I always tip Pitters to win on points with his patient style and big engine, but if Sugden really does plan an all-out assault, then I could see him walking onto one at some point.

Sugden is a fantastic fighter, but I have believed for long time that Pitters is going to go all the way. I predict Pitters to win on points but a knockout win in the championship rounds could also be possible, depending on how gung-ho Sugden is."


Ryan Clark
Co-Founder of

"I think Pitters is very much the real deal. I’ve been impressed with his last few fights, whereas I can’t see too many people causing too much trouble. Of course, it’s always a two horse race where a punch can change anything, that’s the beauty of boxing, but Pitters has the speed, range, height and pure boxing skills to form an exciting prospect. Prospect, as in a possible world title holder in the making."


Matt Marsh
British super-bantamweight champion

"From what I saw of Pitters in his Ultimate Boxxer win, he looks capableof dealing with anybody at that weight.

I think he wins on points or gets the knockout in the second half of the fight."


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Shakan Pitters: 66%
Chad Sugden: 33%
Draw: 0%


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