Ohara Davies vs Miguel Vazquez

Predictions for Ohara Davies vs Miguel Vazquez

Published On Tuesday, June 11, 2019By British Boxing News

Ohara Davies vs Miguel Vazquez - who wins?

It's Britain vs Mexico in the east end of London on Saturday, June 28, and BBN have provided a lengthy list of boxing expert opinions on who wins the 10-round non-title super-lightweight contest and why:

Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"I should think Ohara Davies will get the job done early, however Vazquez is seasoned and he could pull off an upset on the MTK boy."


Daniel Smith
BBN Writer

"Both fighters have been viciously laced and dismantled by the fierce fists of Josh Taylor, so there are definite chinks in their armours to be exposed. 

Davies has suffered two losses against two high calibre boxers to date in Catterall and Taylor. However, Davies is young, game and can definitely bang. 

Harnessed by youth and the aggressive scrapping pangs to get in and fight, I'm backing "Two Tanks" Davies - mid to late on."


Francy Luzoho
Super-lightweight boxer from Ireland

"I just think Davies is the better boxer and has the longer reach, so as long as he picks his punches and boxes smart, then it's a early night - 5-6 round stoppage."


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent

"Had they met five years ago then it would have been a very different story, but I see this contest as a boxer on the way up against a boxer on the way down.

By the time that OD had made his professional debut in 2014, Vazquez had already won a world title and defended it six times. Its worth noting that Vazquez's pro debut was against a 2-0 future star in Canelo Alvarez! That was back in 2006. They fought again in 2008 when Canelo had moved up to 19-0-1 - MG lost both bouts on points. He had also lost to Tim Bradley (20-0) by that point as well.

OD is only 27 and still learning and improving, but the 32-year-old Mexican is on the decline and has been stopped twice in his last four fights.

That said, both boxers (with polar opposite styles) have lost twice in their last five outings coming into this contest, Josh Taylor being a joint victor over each.

Davies has already declared that he is going for a knockout to impress the American audience tuning in on ESPN+. I think his youth and determination will get the win for OD and I believe him when he says there will be a knockout. I expect Davies to stop Vazquez by round nine."


Ace Adam
Super-middleweight debutant

"Davies has to stay switched on throughout. If he concentrates, sticks to his game plan, then he wins."


Jack Bradley
BBN Writer

“I’m really not sure how good Ohara Davies can be. He’s a big puncher at the weight relative to the level he’s fought at, but I’m not sure he’s much else. I had Catterall beating him comfortably and it was straightforward night at work for Josh Taylor when they fought two years ago. That said, in my eyes they’re both special fighters - Taylor has cemented himself at world level and I expect that Catterall will do the same soon enough.

Vazquez himself was once world level and holds the record for the longest IBF world title reign at lightweight, but he is long in the tooth now and surely nearing the end of his career. With his style, once the reflexes and speed go - and they do with age and miles on the clock - you’re a sitting duck for somebody who can punch. 

If this fight was happening two or three years ago, I’d have confidently said a clear points victory for Vazquez. But now, I’ll go with a late stoppage victory for Davies with Vazquez up on the cards in a bit of a slow fight.”


Johnny Edwards
Head Coach at Guildford City Gym

"Davies will struggle, I think, early on in the fight but I believe he will take over midway and gain the win by points - good match up."


Fabrizio Spagna
BBN Writer

"This is a fight between two fringe contenders with very different styles. Vazquez has been in with world class opposition, notably Saul "Canelo" Alvarez twice and Timothy Bradley.

Ohara Davies has been out of the ring for a while now and he has made no secret that boxing is no longer his priority, as he focuses on building wealth outside the ring.

Vazquez' stick and move style would have given O'Hara Davies a lot of trouble a few years ago, but it is not a style that ages gracefully. He doesn't have the legs that he once had and is easier to hit. O'Hara Davies has a solid punch and whilst it is likely to take him a few rounds to shake off the rust, I expect him to come on strong in the final third of the fight with a late stoppage or points win."


Jordan Neild
BBN Writer

"Very important fight for Ohara Davies. Since the Josh Taylor defeat, things have not really got back on track. He was very disappointing in the defeat to Catterall last time out but he has given a good opportunity by MTK here against a seasoned campaigner and quite simply, he has to impress.

Vazquez is tough and well travelled but it's no secret his best days are behind them. I anticipate Vazquez will give it everything, especially in the early rounds, but Davies should have enough to pull off a stoppage in the mid-late rounds."