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Predictions for Mark Heffron vs Denzel Bentley 2

Published On Thursday, November 12, 2020By Tim Rickson

Mark Heffron vs Denzel Bentley 2 - who wins the rematch?

Friday 13 will be unlucky for one, but who?

Middleweight rivals Mark Heffron and Denzel Bentley will do it all again this Friday, after their first fight in September ended as a majority draw, but this time with the coveted British middleweight belt on the line.

Now there's the biggest prize in British boxing at stake, who will win this return match? BBN turned to their panel of experts for the answer:


Carl Greaves
Boxing trainer / manager

"I got it wrong last time, I predicted a Heffron win but Bentley boxed well and was a lot better than I thought - a draw was about right.

Bentley is the less experienced fighter but would of gained a lot from their last fight and I think he's an improving fighter whereas Mark has probably peaked now, so I'm going for a Bentley win on points."


Tim Rickson
BBN Editor

"The first fight was cracking and I think the draw was a fair result. I'm glad the rematch got sorted so quickly and pleased for both boxers that the Lonsdale belt is available for the winner.

I think Mark Heffron will come back to the ring exactly the same fighter, with the same game plan, but just with everything more tightened and polished. Knowing that one knockdown cost him the decision on the scorecards, he'll be focused and switched on not to allow that to happen again.

Out of the two, I think Bentley has the bigger capacity for improvements, as he is still quite a novice that's learning the trade still. Those 10 rounds would have been invaluable to him. Plus, he is the most active boxer in the word right now with this his third fight in under four months!

I'm a Denzel Bentley fan, so I'm going to let my heart rule my head and say he wins by knockout. If it goes to points, then I think Heffron nicks it."


Louis Robinson
Heavyweight debutant

"I think we are in for a treat here and both fighters will leave everything in that ring that is for sure! I’m going to go for a Heffron win in the rematch and think he will come on a lot stronger."


Liam Williams
British middleweight champion

"I think it will be a good fight - a very good fight. I think Heffron will probably end up chinning him. Bentley is very reckless and a bit sloppy, I think so, from what I have seen. He is a little bit sloppy and, as everyone knows, Heffron is a very big puncher."


Ben Davies
Global Boxing News Editor

"First fight was great and I think Bentley wins the rematch by stoppage."

Bradley Rea
Unbeaten middleweight

"I’m sticking with my man Mark, I think he’ll get the stoppage win this time."


Tom Mark

"A great domestic clash for the British title. The last fight was an intriguing encounter, having not seen much of Bently before and was very impressed, he's rightly earned the position of betting favourite going into the rematch.

I expect Bently to take some of the early rounds in the second encounter and be dangerous early on. However, I thought Heffron looked the stronger fighter in the back half of the first fight, and the 12 round distance this time will suit him.

The second-round knockdown and 10:8 scorecard in the last fight gave Heffron an uphill battle, especially in a 10 round fight. 

I can see this fight going either way and certainly wouldn't be surprised to see Denzel Bently win this one. However, I expect Heffron to take the center ring and grind out a tight decision victory in a tough fight. 

Heffron by Unanimous Decision."


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