Predictions for Josh Warrington vs Carl Frampton and betting odds

Predictions for Josh Warrington vs Carl Frampton and betting odds

Published On Monday, December 10, 2018By British Boxing News

Boxing world give their predictions for the Josh Warrington vs Carl Frampton on December 22

The featherweights meet on December 22 at Manchester Arena for Warrington's IBF belt.

Luke Campbell MBE
WBC Silver lightweight champion

"This is a fight for Josh to win.

Styles makes fights and I think with Josh’s high pace and work rate he sets the rhythm of the fight, Carl's been in some big fights and had some great wins but I think it’s Josh’s time now, and coming off his last performance, he’s on it and will be a real tough fight for Carl. That been said I’m Team Josh for a great points victory."


Ekow Essuman
English welterweight champion

"I reckon Warrington has a good chance at this match up, I'm looking forward to watching a good scrap."


Miles Shinkwin
English light-heavyweight champion

"Frampton is my favourite active British fighter to watch. I’ve seen him train and I’ve seen him spar. He’s insanely talented!

Last time Warrington fought Selby though I wrote him off and he proved me wrong; that being said I still can’t see him beating Frampton but feel he can make it competitive, probably losing on a close points decision that might be wide on the cards with a lot of the rounds hard fought and hard to score."


Robbie Davies Jr
British lightweight champion

"I think Josh being the younger and busier fighter will try to force a fast pace. Carl, at 32, is no spring chicken but far from over the hill. I believe Carl's better boxing brain, experience and force of punching power will see him to a points win, possible late stoppage."


Kofi Donker
Unbeaten lightweight

“I originally thought that Selby would beat Warrington because I didn’t rate him in the slightest, just thought that he sells a lot of tickets in Leeds, but was really surprised when he beat him. I thought Selby was one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in Britain at the time, so I then sat up and took note for the first time. Before that win, I would’ve just picked Frampton but I don’t know now.

That fight with Horacio Garcia, I thought Frampton didn't look too good and then the top performance from Warrington in his last fight makes me think it's 50-50 fight now.

It's in Manchester so it's neutral, so I really don’t know what the outcome would be, but if I was a betting man then I wouldn't put a bet on it because it's too close to call!

If it was in Leeds then I think Warrington would edge it with the roar of the crowd behind him swaying the judges with every punch that lands. If I had to say where my pick lies then it's currently Frampton at 60-40.”


Carl Greaves
Boxing Trainer and Manager

"Another great fight and although Warrington is coming off an amazing win over Selby and with Selby now moving up to lightweight, taking nothing away from Warrington, it proves how much Selby was struggling at the weight.

Frampton is still looking very good, hits hard and I just can't see Warrington hitting hard enough to get Frampton's respect. Warrington has got a great engine and massive heart, he will give it everything he's got but I'm going for a Frampton late stoppage win."


Tommy Langford
Former British, Commonwealth & WBO Inter-Continental middleweight champion

"Warrington vs Frampton is an intriguing fight. At first glance, I would say Frampton should win by stoppage or wide on the scorecards, should it go the distance, but when you look a little closer the fight becomes far more competitive.

Frampton has operated at the higher level, unified world titles and looked supremely smooth in doing so. He’s fought the best names in the world, been involved in the biggest fight nights with big rivalries and occasions before so you would have to say the pedigree, experience, and also power all lie with Frampton.

However, he is the challenger, not the champion, and he isn’t the undefeated fighter. It’s up a weight division from where he’s enjoyed his highest successes and best performances, he is the older fighter at 31 and his opponent comes into the fight with the utmost confidence and belief having recorded his career-best win over one of the UK’s best pound-for-pound fighters in Lee Selby.

He’s succeeded at every level – British, Commonwealth, European and now world, which is a very impressive set to collect and extremely hard to capture, and I don't think enough has been said of his achievements. He is the younger, fresher, unbeaten fighter in this clash with a very fit, high-paced and relentless style that will be hard to face for anyone.

Given all of the above, I think we are set for a very exciting and closer than expected fight. I think the end result will depend on the early pattern of the fight if Warrington can get amongst Frampton and unsettle him early, I think he may squeeze out a win, but, on the other hand, if Frampton can get set into his groove early and can punish Warrington by making him miss, then I think we will see a one-sided Frampton exhibition.

I am not going to sit on the fence though, I think Frampton will win and I can see him managing to come through whatever many different ways the fight can pan out. Frampton can find a way. Warrington, I can only see winning if everything falls into place for him.

I like both fighters and wish them both luck and I hope we see an extremely entertaining fight that surpasses expectation."


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent

"I think it will be a frenzied fight, at least for the first few rounds, with Josh using his work rate and aggression to overwhelm Frampton and push him back and to not allow him to get into a rhythm.

However, I don't know how long that success could last against Frampton, who I believe is the far more skilled and experienced fighter, so should get the win over Warrington on points. I don't believe that Josh could hurt Carl too much and over the course of 12-rounds, the skill and level of Frampton should begin to tell at some point and gradually take over to dictate proceedings.

But if Josh gets his tactics right, like he did against Selby, then it could be a very close fight."


Aqib Tahlat
Sports Journalism Student

"I think Josh Warrington is a great fighter who is undefeated. However, I believe Carl Frampton is on another level. He’s been in bigger fights, such as the two world title contests with Leo Santa Cruz and the grudge match against Scott Quiqq in 2016.

I think he will handle the pressure much better than Warrington, but it will be fascinating to see how it will unfold."


Niall Doran
Founder of Boxing News & Views

"Really, really great fight. Pity it's on the exact same night as another cracking scrap between Whyte and Chisora but like all boxing fans, will do my best to somehow see both if they go at different times. I think Frampton has really gelled well with new trainer Jamie Moore since the link up but Warrington also comes into the fight with serious momentum off the back of the Lee Selby performance, an upset to many at the time. Styles make fights and while Warrington might be the younger, possibly hungrier and fitter fighter, I think Carl even at this stage still is hugely motivated to finish his career in style and will have a bit too much boxing IQ in the fight. Then again, I thought Selby would and Warrington proved me wrong. I think Frampton is a more spiteful fighter though and will want this bad. It could genuinely be one of the fights of the year to be honest, as could Whyte vs Chisora 2. What a night for boxing!"


Mick Gordon
Ring Announcer

"In boxing, momentum often counts for everything so its hard to see beyond a close, split decision Josh Warrington victory. The home advantage may also give Josh an edge but I do predict that sparks are going to fly in a high-energy, toe-to-toe contest that will have the crowd in raptures.

Miss this one and weep!"


Danny Barrett
Unbeaten welterweight

"As much as I rate Frampton as the better fighter, I just think Warrington is going to be too busy and too energetic for Frampton at this stage of his career. I think the Quigg and two Santa Cruz fights may have taken a bit out of Frampton."


Jamie Speight
Three-weight Southern Area champion

"I genuinely see a Warrington win, I stayed in Leeds and trained alongside him as a training partner for two years after we fought for the English title in 2013.

Josh is super fit, very busy and closes the ring down well with educated pressure. I see Josh grinding out a points win and if he is to stop Carl it would be late on through relentless pressure and an accumulation of shots.

I respect Carl and think he’s been a fantastic fighter but Josh is the bigger, younger man who is currently riding the waves of confidence and success."


Joseph Siza
BBN Writer

"This fight has British classic written all over it. I made the mistake of completely writing off Josh Warrington last time out against Lee Selby - something I will not be doing this time round.

Whilst I do believe this will be a harder fight for Warrington, I’m unconvinced that Frampton is the same fighter who beat Leo Santa Cruz - not taking anything away from him though as he is still a class fighter.

I’d be surprised if anyone got stopped during this fight and can see it going the distance. I’m going to go for a draw - and one that isn’t controversial. I believe both fighters will have their success in a very close fought battle, setting up a rematch for next year."


Johnny Edwards
Trainer at Guildford City Gym

"Warrington by four-rounds on points for me. The fast jab and combination punches from Warrington will do the job, also the home support will play a big part.

I had Felix Cash in that arena and the atmosphere for Josh was unbelievable."


Asif Vali
Boxing Manager

"Like last week's Wilder vs Fury, we have another tasty fight in Frampton vs Warrington, again from a pure boxing fan perspective, it's a great fight coming up.

Over the years I have learned that boxing is full of surprises but timing of a fight is crucial and I think Warrington has took it too early, but that’s a bold decision as he thinks he can beat Frampton.

In my eyes, Frampton  is still class and has a lot to offer, plus he is relishing life under his new team of coaches (Jamie Moore) and he is hungry again and what a scalp Warrington would be. Frampton has too much to lose so it will be an all-out war. If Warrington has a war with Frampton, I can see we Frampton winning this. If Warrington boxes and uses the ring wisely, then Frampton will lose, but Frampton for me on points. Good luck to both boxers and a great match-up for boxing fans, may both boxers be safe in the ring."


Anish Parekh
BBN Writer

"This is going to be a great event for Frank Warren, who is really ending 2018 on a high.

Manchester Arena will be home to two rabid fan-bases for the evening, who are bound to create a special atmosphere and try to drive their man to victory.

Josh Warrington had the fairy tale night when he comprehensively beat Lee Selby to win the title in front of his home fans. He will likely attempt to recreate that performance against Carl Frampton. Using his high-octane style to try and out-hustle the smaller Frampton he will likely have some early success, but Frampton is no Selby. He has elite-level footwork and combination punching. The accuracy and speed of his punches will effect Warrington late in the fight as he increasingly leaves himself open to smart counters.

Frampton will pile on the pressure and Warrington will empty his tank in trying to battle back, only to be mercifully stopped on his feet by the referee."


Daniel Smith
BBN Writer

"Initially, both men will aim to grasp a lay of the land within the opening rounds. Thereafter, I can see Frampton and Warrington warring it out like two scrapping whippets, machine-gunning one another with solid shots within fierce and rapid trades, slap-bang in the centre of the ring.

Frampton has the experience, skill-set and calibre to see off Warrington in a points win. But, Warrington's self-belief, confidence, determination and own boxing ability put him in good stead to give the Irishman a gruelling night.

If Frampton maintains his defence, composure and breaks Warrington down with flashing jabs and swift combinations, then a comfortable unanimous decision could go his way. However, if Warrington can pile on the pressure and rough-up his opponent, we might well be treated to a thrilling twelve rounder that sees Josh nip it.

I'm sitting on the fence with this one and going with an exhilarating split decision."


Betting Odds

Josh Warrington points: 7/4 Bet365
Carl Frampton points: 4/9 Ladbrokes
Josh Warrington KO: 9/1 BetVictor
Carl Frampton KO: 7/2 Sky Bet
Draw: 22/1 Marathon Bet