Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury predictions

Predictions for Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury - Boxers Edition

Published On Thursday, November 15, 2018By Tim Rickson

Hear professional boxers' predictions on who wins the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury mega-fight

It’s the big one! How better to kick off the festive season on December 1 with one of the biggest World heavyweight title fights in history?!

In the home corner is a raw, powerful, dangerous fighter who lives up to his name accurately and in the opposite corner is the most technically gifted, skillful trickster who has a history of travelling to champions’ back yards to defy the odds.

What a fight! And it doesn’t end there because the winner will receive the plaudits, of course, but will also go on to face Anthony Joshua in the biggest unification battle this millennium has seen in the heavyweight divison.

BBN called upon their trusted panel of professional boxers to help pick a winner:


Mike Tyson Former Undisputed World heavyweight champion

"Although Wilder's punch is strong, nothing can compare to the mental strength Fury has shown both in and out of the ring.

It'll be a close call, but I think Fury's got a fighting chance."


Carl Frampton Two-weight World champion

“When it was first made I strongly fancied Wilder. As the fight has got closer, I’ve been changing my mind. Looking at Fury’s shape and he is in good shape. In the pics I have seen he looks better than he ever has before.

There are loads of questions to be asked. Has Fury lost too much weight? Is his inactivity going to cost him? How’s he going to be able to deal with Wilder’s punching power? Difficult one to call, but right now I’m leaning very slightly towards Deontay Wilder.”


Tommy Fury Debutant and Tyson Fury's youngest brother

"There are no ifs, buts or maybes, he will do it because, like I have said many times before, the only reason this fight is competitive is because Tyson had two and a half years out of the ring and he abused his body. That is the only reason why this fight is even close. If he had come off the Klitschko win and fought, this would be a breeze.

Wilder has got a right hand, a left hook and he's got a bit of pace. You can't beat a man with everything in the book with just that. You need more than power. Look at Wilder, he doesn't feint, he doesn't prize you open, he just comes, lands a big right hand and it's over. If you have got a person slipping and sliding, left and right all over the place and you are loading up and can't land - you are going to get tired in the late rounds.

Tyson will stop him late on, between 10 and 12 rounds."


Nick Webb Heavyweight prospect

“I've always been a Wilder fan but Tyson Fury wins me over every time.

With the battles of his inner demons and seeing how far he has come mentally and physically is simply inspiring. Even with Wilder being the most dangerous man in heavyweight boxing at the moment and could end the fight at anytime, I’m gonna' back my fellow Brit, because he has made a believer out of me. Let’s go Tyson!!! 

I really want Tyson to win and there’s a great chance he could pull it off again – on points. However, I think Wilder wins by KO.” Read the break down in full here


Isaac Dogboe WBO World sper-bantamweight champion

"I believe Tyson Fury will win by KO."


Shakan Pitters Ultimate Boxxer Champion

"It all depends who brings their best game on the night but I believe Tyson Fury’s boxing ability will take him through this fight. Wilder’s a well-respected puncher and champion but Fury won’t stand and trade, he’ll make him miss and box his way to a points victory over Wilder."


Robbie Davies Jr British & Commonwealth super-lightweight champion

“This fight is is going one way or the other in my opinion.

Fury, if he's back to his best, will use the outside of the ring with movement and plenty of feinting and lateral movement, making Wilder fall short and miss wildly, while Fury lands eye-catching singles to take the majority of the rounds.

The other way is Fury holds his feet too long and the unorthodox, looping shots from Wilder will land too often and he will win by KO.

My gut feeling says Fury will win on points.”


Jarrell Miller WBO NABO heavyweight champion

"Look at what Tyson has came back from; it's great, it's an amazing story, but we're talking about boxing and the two guys he fought nobody even heard of and he didn't look too great. On paper, Wilder is the favourite, so I'm leaning towards Deontay Wilder in this one, he could be losing nine, ten rounds and land that one mega Alabama down-south punch and the fight is over."


Jamie Speight Three-time Southern Area champion

“It’s a typical cliche of the boxer vs the puncher and, on this occasion, I see Tyson running away with the early rounds with his technical ability and brilliant movement but Deontay will get desperate and know he’s behind on the cards and he will do what Deontay does best and swing for the fences and Tyson goes to sleep.

I don’t know when but I firmly believe it ends in a Wilder KO.”


Matt Marsh Former British super-bantamweight champion

"It's a 50-50 fight for me.

Wilder has power but suits his name down to the ground, he's very wild and anything more than a two-punch combination and it becomes swings.

Tyson Fury is the same boxer that beat Klitschko as he hasn't boxed anyone decent since he came out of retirement.

Either an early stoppage for Wilder or a points win or late stoppage for Fury."


Josh Warrington IBF World featherweight champion

“I said Fury when the fight first got made and I haven’t changed my mind, got to go for Tyson Fury for the win!

Of course, you can’t rule out Wilder as he has some serious power in those fists and has proved it time and time again, but Fury’s size and ring IQ will prove crucial. I can honestly see him out-boxing and frustrating Wilder for 12 rounds.”


Chez Nihell English ABA super-heavyweight champion

"Deontay Wilder has explosive power, no doubt. But my opinion is that Tyson Fury is the more skilled boxer with his awkward slick skills and patience.

I believe it will go the distance and predict a close fight, with Fury winning by majority decision."


Rohan Date Unbeaten super-lightweight

"I think it's a match everyone wants to see. Is Wilder the real deal? Has Tyson come back too soon? I think Wilder might try to push it into the later rounds and hope Tyson doesn't have the engine that he used to have. Then try to nail Tyson with that explosive power he has. Otherwise, I can see Tyson outboxing Wilder for a technical bout similar to the Klitschko fight.

My heart wants Tyson but my head is saying Wilder."


Nathan Gorman Unbeaten heavyweight

 "I have never sparred with Wilder, but from sharing a ring with Tyson I just can't see Wilder beating him, I really can't.

I just think Wilder will get frustrated with Tyson when he can't hit him, he will load up big swings and Tyson will make him miss and make him pay."


Wilder to win: Rohan Date believes Wilder's hand will be raised at the end
Wilder to win by KO: Heavyweights Jarrell Miller and Nick Webb both predict this outcome
Fury to win: Chez Nihell, Robbie Davies Jr and Shakan Pitters all trust in Tyson
Fury to win by KO: World champ Isaac Dogboe sticks his neck out


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