David Allen vs Lucas Browne predictions

Predictions for David Allen vs Lucas Browne

Published On Monday, April 15, 2019By British Boxing News

Boxing insiders give their predictions for David Allen vs Lucas Browne

'White Rhino' vs 'Big Daddy'

Former WBA 'Regular' world heavyweight champion Lucas Browne (28-1) once again makes the 10,000 mile trip from Sydney to London, this time to face David Allen (16-4-2) at The O2 Arena in Greenwich on Saturday, April 20.

An online poll by BBN saw 69% of voters pick Allen to win, 22% favoured Browne, with the final 8% deciding on a draw - but what do our panel of experts have to say:


Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"I’d like to think Dave Allen, pitting so much effort in, being so confident over the past few weeks does the job. But I don’t know if Browne has too much experience for him!"


Ace Adam
Super-middleweight debutant

"David Allen will win via knockout!"


Miles Shinkwin
Former English light-heavyweight champion

"I think Dave’s social media persona hides what a good fighter he can be. I personally think he needs a proper full time coach but still feel with a good camp behind like he says he’s had he’ll still have too much for Lucas Browne. I saw Lucas sparring down my gym when he was preparing for Whyte and was very much underwhelmed. If he’s still got the hunger for it then it’ll make for a good fight but Dave is a hard man and think he’ll stop him after half way."


Jamie Speight
Three-time Southern Area champion

"I believe Dave Allen is in a really good place right now, riding high on a wave of current success and looking more like a fighter than I’ve ever seen, training hard and I swear I can almost see abs making a show on his body!

I think Lucas Browne will have a pop early on but Dave has a great chin and has already proved his durability at a high level, Lucas will blow out and Dave will settle into the fight and it will end with a Dave Allen KO before the eighth round, I reckon. C'MON Big Dave!"


Dean Bedford
Boxing Agent - DB18 Boxing

"I can only see Dave Allen winning this. Lucas Browne isn't anywhere near his best, he'd looked awful in training camps I've seen him in lately, and he was awful vs Whyte, he then got knocked down, and I'd had him losing on points vs Kamil Sokolowski. I don't think it was possible for him to lose on points because of this fight!

Dave Allen looked like he had a good camp, and looking good. Although Allen is only at a certain level for me, he will win.

I predict a TKO around round 6/8. I am all aboard the Allen train!!"


Erol Ceylan

"I think that’s a tough fight for Allen, he will have to be very focused and move around. If Browne lands one of his heavy hands then Alken will be KO'd."


Ryan Clark
Director of Buy My Fight

"I think we all know that neither Allen or Browne are going to set the world alight in heavyweight boxing but, the beauty of the heavyweights is you’re one punch away from a KO at any time, as we seaw from the Nick Webb fight.

Dave does, in all seriousness, seem to be taking this seriously if his training and physical change is anything to judge from, and whilst previous fights have seemed a bit slow to get going, he can box. I’d love nothing more to see a new fitter/sharper Dave Allen. I think Browne is more susceptible to being caught with his static head manoeuvre and low hands. Whilst Dave Allen holds a dangerous overhand right in his locker, I actually think a straight combination down the pipe is the one to catch Browne with.

I’m going for an Allen win by KO, after he saps the energy from Browne by round 6.”


Craig Glover
Boxing Writer

"I feel that Dave Allen has too much skills for Browne and his chin is too good for Browne.

Browne is on the decline in his career now so for me it's Allen's fight to win and, if he has trained properly, I can see him getting a late rounds stoppage against the Australian."


Daniel Smith
Writer for BBN

"After a brutal and bloody exchange of leathered batterings, Dave Allen scored the stoppage win over Ariel Bracamonte in November last year. Allen's face was badly bruised and banged-up, while the big Argentinian was a picture of sweat, flab and blood as they shared ice-cold bottles of Iron-Bru; courtesy of the "White Rhino". 

Moments later, Allen was whammed by the news from Eddie Hearn that he was 'done for the year'; a decision sternly delivered by the Matchroom boss due to Dave's physical state and slack performance against an opponent in which he should beaten without sustaining a pasting in return. Allen was obviously gutted by this news, however, it has appeared to have been the best favour Hearn's done for the Yorkshireman. 

Since then, Dave has whipped his arse into the greatest physical shape of his career, and with his confidence soaring he looks ravenous for the chance to give Lucas Browne a proper gloved hiding. 

I'm going for a Dave Allen win - a stoppage mid to late on."


Steve Wood
Promoter, VIP Promotions

"It really depends who turns up on the night as both can be patchy. I've seen Dave has had a good camp, so would go for him on points."


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent

"David Allen seems to be taking his boxing more serious lately, and he seems to be fitter than ever before. He's a funny guy, but frustrating fighter, because he's got all the attributes to be a fantastic champion. He has a good boxing ability, quick reflexes, heavy hands, good head movement, and is tough and as game as they come.

Lucas Browne is 40-years-old now, he can't match Allen for a lot of his attributes such as speed and movement. However, he has 24 KO's from 28 wins, so his game plan will be to bully Allen and aim to land one of those heavy hands. Allen is tough as nails and won't be stopped easily.

I hope to see it pan out the same way as the Dillian Whyte fight where Browne will gas after a few rounds and can be taken out."


Johnny Edwards
Head Coach at Guildford City Gym

"Lucas Browne has been brought in as an opponent for Allen but Browne fades badly, so I give a KO verdict in four rounds to the White Rhino."


Aqib Tahlat
BBN Writer

"I think this will be a great fight. I am going for a Dave Allen win just because I think boxing is all about timing and I think it’s Allen’s time to show what he can do.

I think the first couple of rounds will be the two fighters trying to see what the other opponent is doing but after that it will go straight into a slugfest.

It will be very exciting for the fans as both fighters have fan friendly boxing styles.

I think it will come down to who wants it most and I think Allen will have that more hunger to go that extra yard.

Allen to win inside the 12 rounds."


Kane 'Chopper' Cantell
Unbeaten lightweight

"David Allen has really impressed me recently, looks in good shape and training hard picking up some good wins against good opponents. 

That being said, Lucas Browne is no joke and will be there to win. I think it will be a close fight and will be a good watch.

I say Allen by MD."


Johnny Edwards
Head Coach at Guildford City Gym

"Lucas Browne has been brought in as an opponent for David Allen. Browne fades badly so I give a KO verdict in four rounds to the 'White Rhino."