Predictions for Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

Predictions for Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

Published On Thursday, April 25, 2019By Tim Rickson

Boxing experts give their predictions for Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

The fight no one thought would actually happen - Dubois vs Joyce for the British heavyweight championship.

The two unbeaten powerhouses have 18 wins and 17 KOs between them, ensuring an explosive encounter when they eventually meet.

BBN asked their panel of experts for their take on who wins:

Jamie Speight
Three-time Southern Area champion

"A great domestic heavyweight dust-up and I feel Dubois doesn’t have the technical ability to deal with Joyce.

Joe was an elite amateur of the highest form and medalled in the olympics  During his amateur career he must’ve seen every possible style and come across tall fighters, short fighters, some powerful, some skilful, some flat footed, some great movers...the list goes on.

Joe doesn’t do anything too special but does the basics well and, judging by the way he gets rid of people, what he lacks in speed he makes up for in power.

I think it’s a step too far too soon for Daniel and Joe will get him out of there mid to late rounds - between 5-8, I reckon."


Matt Marsh
Former British super-bantamweight champion

"Daniel Dubois will knockout Joe within six rounds.

Both big boys but Joe is way to slow and Daniel is young and hungry."


Daniel Smith
BBN Writer

"A cracking domestic dust-up with two big, powerful heavyweight monsters colliding so early on in their careers - a much-needed breath of fresh air blasting through the division in times where fights simply cannot be made.

I'm going with a Daniel Dubois stoppage over Joe Joyce, mid-to-late on. I just feel that Dubois' attributes possess the greater threat holistically, placing him in better stead to do the business."


Steve Wood
Promoter - VIP Promotions

"Great fight and one that I did not expect to happen.

I'm going for Joyce coming from behind with a late stoppage as Dubois tires. The easy fight to make was with Nathan Gorman and therefore must be a reason why not, maybe looking for someone who will stand in front of Dubois which I think Joyce will do but I have him down as being tough enough to turn it round after a slow start."


Joe Neale
Boxing Matchmaker / PR

"This is a great fight, I did not expect to happen.

I think Joe Joyce, at this stage, is far too experienced for Daniel Dubois and see him stopping him in the late rounds in a super competitive fight."


Miles Shinkwin
Former English light-heavyweight champion

"I think it’s brilliant that the fights been made so early in their careers.

You’d have to say big Joe is favourite and I don’t feel that the muscle Daniel has put on in the last year is going to help him in this fight, it will merely slow him down and if you’re slow with Joyce he will just punch and punch until you don’t punch back.

My prediction is Joe around half way."


Erol Ceylan

"For me, Joe Joyce is the favorite. He is stronger than Dubois and the better boxer.

I think Dubois will lose by KO."


Niall Doran
Editor of Boxing News & Views

"Super, super fight and piece of matchmaking in what has been a dreadful start to the year for boxing so far in terms of big fights not getting made in the heavyweight division.

Although he's less experienced, I think Dubois will find the target frequently and often early on and close the show in the mid rounds.

Great fight though. One punch could change it all between these two bombers."


Kevin Campion
Boxing manager and matchmaker

"I can’t look past Joyce, I think Dubois is a great prospect, but Joyce is experienced, has a decent chin and is strong.

I think he will have too much and stop Dubois late."


Mark Tibbs
Boxing Coach

"Great domestic!

Joyce needs to crack on if he’s to mix it with the big boys and in beating Dubois I then can believe in him. On his previous opponents and last performance was not impressive for me at all.

Dubois, for me, has fought better opposition and is the more natural of the two, sharper and knows when to go up a gear.

Both big punching men, but the sharper one wins and that's Dubois."


Chez Nihell
Unbeaten cruiserweight

"I have big respect for both men, both highly decorated GB boxers in the amateurs and carrying on there KO power in the pros. However, Joyce being the older and more experienced of the two.

That being said, Dubois is a massive puncher and at that weight anything can happen with one punch. 

My money is on the 'Juggernaut' Joe Joyce. I predict with his relentless punching power and durability, he will find I stoppage rounds 4-6."


Tey Lynn-Jones
Former Southern Area middleweight champion

"What a fight! Credit to both men taking this fight, it’s a real 50/50 in my eyes.

Can see if Joyce’s granite chin can take Dubious' shots if he lands and see if he hits as hard as people say!

Sitting right on the fence for this one but I’ll be betting on the bookies underdog."


Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"Very even fight! I think Joyce will be on the ball and get a lot of points behind him but eventually I think DDD hits too hard and will get a KO."


Rhys Edwards
Unbeaten super-featherweight

"Awesome fight, but I think Joe Joyce will be a bit too much for Dubois. He will be too experienced and will KO Dubois in the later rounds in a very even competitive fight."


Johnny Edwards
Guildford City Gym

"Joe Joyce, for me, has the elite amateur career combined with WSB AIBA pro boxing , which will give him the advantages in the later rounds and 'DDD' has never boxed anyone of the 'Juggernaught's' quality before.

Round 8 knockout for JJ."


Aqib Tahlat
BBN Writer

"What a fight this will be and I actually can’t believe they have made it happen.

I believe Daniel Dubois has this fight as he is getting better with every appearance, whereas Joyce is not getting  any younger.

It is a great fight and it will be intriguing in the first couple of rounds but I believe Dubois has the power to stop him in the later rounds."


Ryan Clark
Co-Founder of

“Shocked, but pleased this has been made as I see it like a no lose fight for either of them, much like Groves vs DeGale years ago. It’s great for Boxing.

Who wins? Flip of a coin for me. Dubois has youth and speedier hands than Joyce, but Joyce has more experience as well as a good chin. I honestly think it’s going to come down to who lands the big punch first so could go either way.

I think it’s a KO win no matter who wins, and I’ll say Joe Joyce. (However, you won’t catch me placing any money on this one!)”