Paddy Donovan next fight confirmed at Production Park Studios in Wakefield on Friday 22 January #mtkfightnight date time venue betting odds opponent oddschecker who fight when

Paddy Donovan next fight confirmed

Published On Tuesday, December 22, 2020By British Boxing News

Paddy Donovan returns early in 2021

Highly-rated Irish sensation Paddy Donovan will return to the ring when he competes on the action-packed #MTKFightNight event next month.

The card takes place at Production Park Studios in Wakefield on Friday 22 January, and will be broadcast live in the US on ESPN+ in association with Top Rank, and worldwide on IFL TV.

Donovan (5-0, 3 KOs) was last in action in November when he stepped up in competition to earn a superb win over Jumanne Camero, and the Limerick star is excited to be back.

He said: “This is a great way for me to start 2021. I want to thank my team for giving me this new opportunity to continue my journey to the top of the boxing game. It’s my time to put on a show and I just can’t wait.”

MTK Global Promoter Lee Eaton added: “It’s great to be working with Top Rank to have Paddy Donovan back next month. He had a fantastic performance during our #MTKFightNight event in November, and it’s guaranteed that he’ll bring must-see action again in January.”

Donovan joins a massive line-up on January 22, which includes Lee McGregor challenging Karim Guerfi for his EBU bantamweight title, and Sean McComb and Gavin Gwynne meeting for the vacant Commonwealth lightweight title.

Elsewhere, undefeated duo Pierce O’Leary and Mark McKeown both return, while Hassan Azim is set for his long-awaited professional debut. The planned fight between Craig MacIntyre and Mikey Sakyi is off after Sakyi unfortunately had to withdraw.


Understanding Boxing Betting Odds

Boxing matches are exciting for a variety of reasons, one of them being the opportunity to make some fantastic bets regarding the outcome. Boxing matches are legendary, not to mention the matches that involve hugely popular and talented boxers. Today, with the widespread acceptance of online casinos such as the ones listed in and online sports betting sites, placing bets on boxing matches is incredibly easy. Despite boxing match bets being so popular, beginners might find it a bit difficult to understand what exactly boxing betting odds are and the various kinds of bets they can make before a match.


Different kinds of Boxing bets

Money line bets are the most straightforward of them all and bettors place their wagers on whichever player they believe will win. Favourites and underdogs are determined, along with the payout for each final outcome. In matches between pretty powerful favourites and considerably weaker underdogs, the payouts are similarly extreme in nature.

In Over/Under bets, the bookmaker sets the total number of rounds somewhere in the middle of the usual number of rounds most games last. The bettor must predict whether the actual match will last more or fewer rounds than the predetermined number and bet accordingly. If the bookmaker sets the number of rounds at 7, any number of rounds between 1 and 6 will be Under. If the match lasts longer than seven rounds, it would be an Over.

Draws are extremely rare in boxing matches since, even if there is no knockout, the judges can determine the winner based on the points they score. Due to their rare nature, the payout for Draw bets is usually extremely high. You can place a draw bet if there is a match taking place between two equally skilled and powerful boxers.

Proposition bets involve placing wagers on particular events that take place during the boxing match. These could include anything such as the first punch, the number of rounds, whether it’s a knockout or a decision from the judges. If you have clear insights regarding the players and their various strengths and abilities, you could give proposition bets a try.

When making Parlay bets, the bettor will place wagers on multiple fighters at once. He only gets the winnings if all the fighters he bet on win their respective matches.


Understanding Boxing betting odds

To understand betting odds in boxing, you must first familiarise yourself with boxing betting lines. These betting lines will contain odds that are positive or negative numbers written in hundreds or thousands next to the players’ names. They are often considered with respect to $100. These numbers, known as odds, will determine the amount you will get when either of the players wins.

If Fighter A is said to have the odds of -200 and Fighter B +200, Fighter A would be the favourite with the higher chances of winning and Fighter B would be the underdog. If you bet $200 and Fighter A wins, you will receive $100 plus the original amount that you bet, giving you a total of $300. If you bet a $100 of Fighter B and he wins, you will receive $200 in addition to the money you bet, a total of $300.

To say in simpler words, boxing betting lines consist of two numbers written next to the players’ names. One of these numbers will be negative while the other will be positive. The player with the negative number is the favourite while the one with the positive number is the underdog. If you bet the number given next to the underdog in dollars and he wins, you will receive $100 along with the money you had bet.

Another most common way to express odds in a boxing match is in the form of “x-1”. If the odds are 3-1 fighter, you will have to bet $300 to get a profit of $100. If the odds are 5-1 underdog, you will get back a profit of $500 if you bet $100.

Totals or Over/Under bets also make use of similar odds. If the bookie sets a match for a total of 9 rounds, he might give the over 9 (-300) and under 9 (+200). If you bet $300 with the belief that the match will continue for longer than nine rounds and the match does exceed nine rounds, you will receive $100. If you bet $100 on a number below nine and it comes true, you will get $200.

In some games involving a prominent fighter in the boxing world, the underdog odds would often go up extremely high, such as +900 or +1200. In such cases, your winnings could be huge, but if you feel like the underdog stands absolutely no chance of winning the match, don’t bet on him. If you are familiar with players’ patterns, strategies and strengths, you can determine if there is any chance of an upset taking place with the underdog winning the match. In such a case, trust your gut and place your wager on the underdog.


Summing up

Boxing betting odds are given as negative and positive numbers near the fighters’ names. These determine how much a bettor will win when he bets a particular amount. Boxing betting lines are often determined based on favourites and underdogs, but sometimes if the players are equally skilled, the odds will be given as either equal or with one being slightly better.