Tyson Fury Otto Wallin cut

Otto Wallin seemed a safe bet but turned out to be a risky gamble for Tyson Fury

Published On Tuesday, September 17, 2019By Daniel Smith

Otto Wallin turned from a safe bet to a risky gamble for Tyson Fury in Las Vegas

Early hours of this morning at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Tyson Fury battled, boxed and slugged his way to a brutal and bloody unanimous decision against Swedish contender, Otto Wallin.

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Pre-fight, 'The Gypsy King' told referee Tony Weeks that Otto Wallin likes to use his head and asked the official to watch for that, which came true. Although the nasty gash above his right eye was caused by a legitimate left hook, Wallin did consistently use his head throughout the fight.

Tyson said to Tony, "Obviously I've got a very pretty face, I don't want it smashing in with a headbutt, so watch him for that ref."

Weeks wittingly replied, "Right, because you've got to sing afterwards."

Fury did not sing afterwards because he was taken to hospital to have 47 stitches.

As the bell clanged for round one, Team Fury, along with the 18,000 fight-thirsty punters anticipated a display of pomp, flamboyant-showmanship, and a relatively swift, yet vicious dismantling of Wallin from 'The Gypsy King'.

However, the unbeaten southpaw refused to be physically, nor psychologically trounced into submission, proving to be an awkward, problematic-thorn in Fury's side - slipping clear of his man's heavy artillery whilst finding success with a cracking left hook that nastily-sliced across the Lineal champion's eye, inducing a gash that pumped and pissed with blood from round three onwards.

At the end of the third, Ben Davidson's face a picture of dread and concern as he fighter strode towards the corner, blinking, smearing away the blood.

Thereafter, the fight was made scrappy and ugly; Fury no longer laying claim to any neat or slick displays of pugilism. Now, it was a fight, a battle, and rough night's slog for the former unified, heavyweight champion.

Wallin pressed forward and stood boot-to-boot, throwing hard and heavy shots that thunderously blasted into Fury's middle, shoulders, arms and face., further tearing into the brutal gash above Tyson's right eye.

With the Tyson Fury Circus Show well and truly cancelled due to Otto Wallin's deviation and nominal role of five-round punch-bag, a real fight was in its place - and make no mistake, it was a real fight.

Tyson took to plan B and began to unload with a nasty barrage of punches; a violent whoosh of body shots exploded into Wallin, forcing him to rebound from the ropes then clinch until the storm had stopped.

With the final bell, Tyson was bruised, bloodied and exhausted, however, he was victorious. Although the big fella carved another notch into his record, it has to be said that Fury looked sloppy, sluggish and shattered at times; like an ageing heavyweight champion and different breed of fighter who just nine months ago, schooled the WBC champion, Deontay Wilder for at least ten of their classic twelve round, heavyweight encounter.

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