Online betting on boxing reaches all-time high

Published On Thursday, December 6, 2018By British Boxing News

Betting on boxing online reaches all-time high following Wilder-Fury fight

Boxing pulls in millions of viewers, especially the big pay-per view matches, but what is the driving force behind the sport? Gambling! Placing bets on boxing has been around for as long as the sport has been in existance and there are many different sites now offering boxing betting market. Online casinos don’t just deliver slots and jackpot games, many offer a sports book platform among their core gambling products and it's here that punters can place wagers on various boxing matches. Whether it be an international boxing fight featuring the likes of British heavyweight heros Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury or something a little more homegrown, there’s guaranteed to be a betting market on it.

Odds of around 25-1 for a draw between WBC heavyweight king Deontay Wilder against challenger Tyson Fury on December 1 saw many lucky winners land a cracking Christmas bonus. One satisfied online customer had already predicted the score for 11 football matches across England and Scotland and just needed his pick for the eagerly-anticipated WBC heavyweight title showdown to come through - his heart must have been in his mouth in the final round when the Gypsy King landed flat on his back on the canvas, but somehow, the Mancunian picked himself back up and minutes later many visionary gamblers got their betting wish when the bout was declared a draw, with some huge payouts due. That particular customer's 12-fold accumulator came in at a whopping £50k prize fund!


Boxing Events

A wide range of boxing matches will be covered on the best sportsbook websites and high street bookies, these include the four world titles: World Boxing Organisation (WBO); World Boxing Association (WBA); World Boxing Council (WBC); and International Boxing Federation (IBF).

Other high-profile fights are also covered, should they warrant the interest, but the lesser known the event, namely the small-hall shows, the smaller the market will be. With regional and specialist boxing matches, the fighters are not known and have yet to prove themselves and rise above the parapet to make their name, which means betting volume is smaller.

Social media boxing has taken off with the recent YouTube streamers KSI and Logan Paul battling it out on a live stream – and bets are even offered on these type of boxing matches.

Heavyweight boxing is the most lucrative and popular class of boxing, which brings in the punters looking to turn their spectator knowledge into winning bets. Boxing has recently returned to the glitz and glamour and heights of the Mike Tyson era in 1996. When 'Iron' Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield clashed at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, boxing was immensely popular, and it demanded viewership of many millions around the entire world. The good news is, the betting opportunities and chances to make money wagering on fights hasn’t gone anywhere and is even bigger and more accessible than ever.

This guide below covers everything you need to know in order to get you fully prepared to make some money. You don’t have to wait until the next major Pay-Per-View fight is taking place, as some of the lesser popular bouts carry just as much betting upside.


Boxing Markets

The types of betting markets will vary from sportsbook site, but you can bet that they include the following:

Round betting
Fight to go the distance
Bout Betting
Method of result
Total rounds
Tournament winner e.g. World Boxing Super Series
Grouped round betting e.g. Rounds 1-3
Alternate grouped round betting

Aside from those mentioned, bets can be placed on the number of rounds, what round a KO will take place, if a KO will happen, wins on points, whether it be a draw or not, win by technical decision, the number of points scored, unanimous decision or split decision!