Olympian shares secrets on training to stay on top of your game

Olympian shares secrets on training to stay on top of your game

Published On Thursday, July 9, 2020By British Boxing News

How to stay on top of your game, Luke Campbell reveals

Boxing is a demanding sport that requires unparalleled fitness levels and discipline. However, not all professional boxers manage to stay at the top of their game for very long. Every athlete wants to remain on top after striving to get there, but not everyone does. Several athletes veer off track after reaching the pinnacle, which history-making Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr proved in his rematch with Anthony Joshua, where he lost all the belts he had worked so hard for and won in such astonishing fashion just six months before. Fame blurred his vision and his training and discipline slipped down low, which was evident in his poor, lacklustre performance on that historical night in Diriyah.


Luke Campbell reveals what is required to stay on top of the game:



The body is the main investment and tool in the boxing industry. Olympian and two-time world title contender Luke Campbell MBE recommends training mid-week and resting at weekends. Aside from weight training that improves muscle size and increases strength, one should also focus on compound movements like squats and deadlifts to activate the whole body and jumping ropes to enhance coordination, quickness, agility, and endurance. Remember that a strong body with quick movements is the boxers’ weapon in staying in the boxing ring. Campbell also asserts that you must 'feel the burn'. When you feel your muscles burning, that's when it's working, so don't stop, keep going!


Eat a Healthy Diet

Good nutrition is also a must. Boxers are like race cars, stripped of all weight and mass to be as lean, streamlined, and as fast as they can be.

'Cool Hand' Campbell himself is actually a vegan, which he attributes to a significant boost in his energy levels. A boxer should eat natural carbohydrates such as beans, peas, whole grain oats, and sweet potatoes, which are the source of energy that is needed for training and in competition, but only eat after a workout, according to Campbell, as the body's metabolism is heightened. Healthy fats and proteins are good for them too.

The professionals of Steel Supplements suggest that you look for vitamins or supplements that are testosterone boosters. This will help increase the production of the hormone testosterone to enhance athletic performance, build muscle, reduce body fat, increase energy, and keep red blood cells healthy.

The likes are also good for athletes, especially for boxers. Exercise and a good diet go hand in hand. If you train conscientiously and eat a healthy diet you will see and feel the good results. 


Balance Work and Life

A boxer should also have a life outside the boxing ring. Being too hard on yourself when it comes to self-training might strain the body and the mind. It is important to balance life with good things. The 32-year-old from Hull has two young children and a wife, Lynsey Kraanen, and prescribes that you should go out with your family and friends, have another outlet to release work stress, travel to relaxing places if there’s time, and, lastly, enjoy life, and have a healthy mind. Resting is as important as training.


The Motivation for a Winning Streak

Winning streaks helps make a boxer stay on top. Confidence levels are high, a feeling of invincibility is evident in the performances, and reaching for that next big fight, title or goal is all the motivation a pro pugilist should need. For Campbell, it's gaining that world title he is absolutely destined for, despite coming off a loss in his last fight to P4P No.1 Lomachenko. A win over Ryan Garcia in his next fight could see him face WBC World champion Devin Haney before the end of the year.


These are all the great tips anyone should need for keeping on track towards a goal and staying motivated.