Nordic sensation Otto Wallin’s path from ordinary family to possible rematch with Tyson Fury

Nordic sensation Otto Wallin’s path to possible rematch with Tyson Fury

Published On Thursday, August 6, 2020By British Boxing News
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Wallin claims his fight with Fury was far more competitive than rematch with Wilder

Boxing is an incredible sport. Fights such as 'The Thrilla in Manila' between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, Wilder-Fury matches and most notably, Otto Wallin’s bout against Tyson Fury was also a memorable one. We will talk about Wallin’s incredible path in boxing, as well as the possibilities of a rematch.

Einar Otto Wallin was born on November 21, 1990 in Sundsvall, Sweden. He is a professional boxer in the heavyweight category, three-time champion of the Swedish national championship in amateurs. Among the professionals is the WBA Continental Champion (2017) and the European Union EBU-EU Heavyweight Champion.

As of August 2020, according to the BoxRec rating, he is ranked 82nd in the world and is one of the best fighters in his homeland.


Amateur career

He started boxing at the age of 15, and before that he was fond of football and hockey. Otto has won the Swedish National Heavyweight Championship three times and has taken part in several international tournaments. During his amateur career, he spent 46 official fights, of which he gained 34 victories.


Professional career

At the age of 22, he decided to become a professional. And on June 15, 2013, Wallin had his debut fight in the professional ring, defeating Kazakhstani boxer Roman Cherney by knockout in the 1st round.

This could be considered a decisive moment in the career of a Swedish boxer where he gained a huge attention from the Nordic countries. Even though he is Swedish there was mutual respect from other countries, mainly because they do not have strong boxers. Norway was one of the pioneers in this regard who decided to promote the Swedish boxer. The trend reached the gambling industry as well. And it was interesting even though there are no Norwegian professional boxers currently at the highest level. They introduced odds bonuses for Norwegian players who were placing their bets on Wallin. And last September’s match against Fury was a clear indication of that fact, where bets for the most part came from Nordics and especially Norway.


Sparring with Anthony Joshua

For a while, Wallin was a sparring partner at the training camp of former British world champion Anthony Joshua, having sparred with him 200 rounds and causing him some problems.


Title fight with Gianluca Mandras

On April 22, 2017, Otto Wallin defeated 33-year-old experienced Italian Gianluca Mandras by technical knockout in the 5th round, becoming the owner of the WBA Continental regional champion title - having won his first title.


Bout with Adrian Garnet

On April 21, 2018, Wallin by unanimous decision defeated experienced compatriot Adrian Garnet, and won the vacant European Union heavyweight title.


Here comes the Fury bout...

And we should come to the most important part - fight against Tyson Fury. In August 2019, it became known that on September 14, 2019 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Wallin would fight against the former world champion Tyson Fury.

The fight turned out to be incredibly dramatic. At the beginning of the contest, the Swedish left-hander landed straight punches to Fury's head opening up a dangerous cut on Fury's right eye, which his corner desperately tried to stem the flow of blood to ensure the contest wouldn't be stopped. The frustrated Briton looked indistinct, the Swede continued to attack. Fury had a second cut and in the sixth round the referee stopped the fight and invited a doctor to inspect the wound (who could well have stopped the fight). But the doctor gave the go-ahead to continue the fight, and Fury, realizing that he was close to disaster, began to attack back with more ferocity and urgency. The Briton shook Wallin with a right straight in the seventh round, seized the initiative, exhausted his opponent in clinches and the Swede was on the verge of falling. Fury tried to win ahead of schedule, but the result was that Fury won by unanimous decision.

After this fight, Otto Wallin's promoter, Dmitry Salita, confidently stated that despite the defeat by Tyson Fury, he deserved to be among the leading fighters of the division.


Chances for the rematch

Even though the coronavirus significantly disrupted the sporting events around the world, there are still chances of a possible rematch between these two. After Tyson Fury's impressive win over world champion Deontay Wilder, his previous rival Otto Wallin decided to remind him that he had a much more competitive fight against Fury last September, and this, according to the Swedish boxer, clearly shows that he is among major contenders for the fight for the world heavyweight title. And he wants to once again enter the ring against Fury and is confident that he can perform even better.

Wallin’s promoter Dmitry Salita also believes in his accomplice and will work to bring him to the title fight. He also declared that neither Wladimir Klitschko nor Deontay Wilder, two of the greatest heavyweights of our time, could do against Tyson Fury what Otto Wallin did.

Otto is 29 years old, and he only gets better in every aspect. He is on his way to becoming the dominant force in the heavyweight division. That fight was not luck for Otto. He has a style that will always be a big problem for Tyson Fury. And it goes without saying that Otto Wallin will be ready for a possible rematch against the Briton who is also constantly improving.