Wilder vs Fury

Nick Webb breaks down Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Published On Wednesday, November 7, 2018By Tim Rickson

Heavyweight Nick Webb breaks down the forthcoming Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury World championship clash

Hard-hitting heavyweight Nick Webb spoke exclusively to BBN about the eagerly-awaited forthcoming heavyweight fight between WBC titleholder Deontay Wilder (40-0, 39KOs) and former Lineal world champion Tyson Fury (27-0, 19KOs) on December 1.

The 31-year-old from Chertsey was excited just thinking of the fight, “Really looking forward to this fight, obviously I’d love for the Brit to win but I’m also a fan of Wilder."

Hear his take on the heavyweight mega-fight taking place in LA below:


Tyson ‘Too Fast’… Too Soon

“I’m a little concerned that Fury took it on too soon. Wilder is the most dangerous puncher in the world with 39 KOs from 40 fights and has that get out of jail power, so I think that he should have had at least one more tune-up fight where he fought someone of a decent level, like a former British or European champion.

I think he needed more tune-ups before accepting this fight and to be 100 per cent because he is still shifting the weight off. For the 'Gypsy King' to win he'll have to take it the full 12-rounds, so he'll need to be able to go the distance."


The Engine Room

“We’re all wondering if Tyson can keep up that movement for 12-rounds, but he has a natural engine for a big fella and he’s never been known to blow before. He was still fresh and throwing shots in the final round against Klitschko so I’m confident he’ll be alright, but Wilder is fit and tall and will keep the pace set high.

Both are confident and that helps with fitness. Tyson’s style is very relaxed with his hands down low and he’s used to doing the rounds because he isn’t a big puncher. He’s done 160 rounds in 27 fights and Wilder’s only done 123 in 40 fights. Even with his long bout of inactivity, Tyson’s done more rounds in this year than Deontay has – 14 to 10.

Wilder is super fit however and Tyson is still only 30-years-old so both guys should last, but one big punch can drain the life out of you so it all depends on how hard the battle is.”


The Wilder Card

“Wilder has to be regarded as the most dangerous of the heavyweights in the world right now because he can finish fight at any time. He's got lights out power and can really go when he wants to like he did against Ortiz and in his second fight with Stiverne. He is also very unpredictable and throws shots from all over the place. As a boxer, you train and learn how to block most punches, but Wilder’s shots come from anywhere and you’re not used to blocking those. Any boxer unbeaten in 40 with 39KOs will have the kind of confidence and swagger that can't be matched.”


The Awkward Aspect

“Tyson is a difficult opponent in all aspects – his movement, punching from his hip, rangy arms and his sheer size – and although Luis Ortiz was an awkward southpaw that Wilder dealt with, he did struggle at times and showed weaknesses, but he still got him out of there when he decided to really turn it on. He also took his best punches and the Cuban is a fearsome puncher. Wilder called him, “a crafty guy”, after the fight but he done exactly what a champion does and found a way to win. So the American is no stranger to overcoming difficult opponents.

However, Tyson is arguably the most technically gifted of heavyweights out there and if Klitschko struggled to get grips with him then Wilder definitely will.”


The Big Stage

“Tyson’s done it all before and has experienced being in the biggest fights in the world already. He arguably performed better against Klitschko than his domestic rival Anthony Joshua managed to do having barely taken a punch all fight. He cruised to victory on foreign soil and completely confused Klitschko whereas Joshua was lucky not to be stopped.

Wilder is the reigning champion and came through the toughest of tests against Ortiz so he will have no fear going in against Tyson because he’s not a fearsome puncher. Wilder is the one who is fearsome in this battle so he will go into the fight with less to worry about.”


The Verdict

“I really want Tyson to win and there’s a great chance he could pull it off again – on points. However, I think Wilder wins by KO.”


Nick Webb on Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua

“I think Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua is the best fight for the crowd, definitely the best for Britain – two Brits fighting for world heavyweights titles would be amazing!"


Nick Webb on Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua

“Joshua vs Wilder would be an amazing fight and probably be better as it will be more explosive and deliver more drama.”


Nick Webb (13-1), 31 from Surrey, has his next fight on December 15 at the Thistle Hotel Heathrow in eight-round heavyweight contest as he looks to return to title contention in 2019.


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