Golden Contract tournament draw

MTK Golden Contract tournament draw explained

Published On Friday, September 27, 2019By British Boxing News

MTK reveal the format for their Golden Contract tournament draw

A pioneering format for the all-important draw for next week’s historic #GoldenContract curtain-raiser has been revealed.

The unique competition, which kicks off with the featherweight quarter-finals at York Hall on October 4, sees eight hopefuls in each of three weight classes compete in a knockout tournament for a lucrative five-fight contract with a top promoter.

In an extra twist of excitement, the fighters will not find out until fight week who they are facing – and the way in which they will eventually discover their foes is bound to spice things up.

On Tuesday, the eight featherweight hopefuls – Ryan Walsh, Davey Oliver Joyce, Leigh Wood, Jazza Dickens, Tyrone McCullagh, Hairon Socarras, Carlos Araujo and Carlos Ramos will assemble for a media workout followed by the draw.

The draw, which will be streamed on YouTube and Facebook by Sky Sports, will be conducted in the following way:

1. Eight balls will be placed in a bag; four blue (numbered 1-4) and four red (not numbered)

2. All eight fighters draw a ball from the bag in turn

3. The fighters who drew blue balls (starting with the fighter who drew the blue ball numbered ‘1’) choose their opponent from the fighters who drew red balls

Fans and media alike are then invited to attend Wednesday’s press conference at Whitechapel’s Holiday Inn from 1pm and Thursday’s weigh-in at York Hall from 1pm.

Doors open at 5.30pm on fight night, which will be broadcast live in the UK on Sky Sports in association with Matchroom Boxing and on ESPN+ in the US in association with Top Rank.


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