Mike Tyson’s eSport character conquered heroic George Foreman

Mike Tyson’s eSport character conquered heroic George Foreman

Published On Monday, March 30, 2020By British Boxing News

'The Baddest Man' halts 'Big George'

Mike Tyson’s eSport character conquered heroic eGeorge Foreman to set up a dream final against Muhammad Ali for the eAli Trophy on Sunday at 7pm (GMT) on World Boxing Super Series Facebook.

Watch the previous eWBSS fight on YouTube here. 

Both Tyson and Foreman impressed in their quarter-finals.

Iron Mike got through with a brutal 2nd round stoppage of Butterbean, while Big George Foreman’s power proved too much in the end for David Haye as he sunk to the canvas in the fifth. 

In their semi-final bout eTyson and eTyson fought a close back-and-forth opening round, but it soon came clear that Foreman was in for a tough night.  

A huge right floored Foreman at the end of the third that saw him rise at the count at 6. Foreman came up, fought back - just as he did when Haye dropped him – but against Tyson he was up against a different kind of fighter – with absolute frightening power. 

Soon Foreman found himself in trouble again as he was dropped twice in the fourth, the final one for the count. Tyson was 30-26 up on all scorecards at the time of the stoppage. He was simply the baddest of the two KO artists on the night.

Now there’s only fight left to determine who will win the eAli Trophy!

Both Ali and Tyson have been merciless and cutting through the opposition like a hot knife through butter en route to the blockbuster final – No 1 seed Ali needed a total of 10 rounds to take out Holyfield and Liston, No 2 seed Tyson did it in 6 against Butterbean and Foreman. 

The inaugural ‘eWBSS Heavyweight Legends’ tournament began on Monday, March 23 and ends with the Ali-Tyson final on Sunday, March 29 at 7pm (GMT). The entire tournament is streamed on the World Boxing Super Series Facebook page.

Next week will see the start of Season 2 with a new weight class questing for the eAli Trophy in the classic WBSS eight-man format. Fans can vote between Middleweight and Welterweight and the poll closes Sunday on the WBSuperSeries Twitter at 2pm.

The eWBSS tournaments, simulated on EA Sports ‘Fight Night Champion’, are created by the real World Boxing Super Series to provide some much-needed relief and entertainment for fight fans around the world during these testing times.

See you on Facebook at 7pm! 

eWBSS Final:
Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson – Sun, March 29, 7pm (UK)

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