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Martin Murray hopeful for big fights - still open to facing Billy Joe Saunders

Published On Wednesday, July 3, 2019By Jack Bradley
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Refreshed Martin Murray still hopeful for big fights

A rejuvenated Martin Murray (37-5-1) has asserted that he still has the big fights in him even after a difficult year, though the Merseyside boxer insists he isn’t holding out for a blockbuster clash.

Speaking at the open workout at Derry Mathews’ Liverpool gym ahead of the MTK Fight Night in the city next week, the 36-year old Murray was insistent that whilst he is open to the big fights, he is boxing on simply because he is still capable.

“One of the main reasons I’m fighting is because I physically can” explained the 36-year-old St. Helens middleweight.

“I’ve got a lot to give still – I can still fight. I can still make money in the sport.

“Last year, I was on my arse mentally. I was mentally done. I’ve had a lot of this year off and I’ve really rejuvenated myself and evaluated a few things, and it’s made me realise that now I’m fighting because I can.

“The biggest adjustment I’ve made is taking the pressure off. I’ve lost that pressure and expectation that I put on myself. I’m my own worse critic.”

Murray, who is scheduled to compete at the MTK Fight Night at the Liverpool Olympia on 12th July, has endured a very difficult year both personally and professionally - fights for the WBO World Middleweight title with then-champion Billy Joe Saunders fell through twice last year, before Murray’s former trainer Oliver Harrison tragically passed away in April.

Discussing the possibility of the big fights and maybe even a return to those previously scheduled fights against Billy Joe Saunders – who now holds the WBO World title at Super Middleweight – Murray remained open-minded: “If a fight like that comes along, great.

“We’ve kind of got unfinished business but I’ve been there twice before and had my pants pulled down both times, so if it would happen a third time – I don’t know.

“But I’m not coming back thinking ‘that’s what I’m coming for’. I’m coming into my 12th year now as a pro and it’s the first one where I haven’t had that clear plan. If a fight like that comes along though, great.

“I’m in a position now where I’m not out here to please anybody. I’m training a lot smarter now and I’m feeling good, and I’m just looking forward to fighting next week. If something big comes up then I’d be interested.

“I know there’s definitely still something big in me definitely. Something big would be good but if it doesn’t come then I’ve got everything I need with my family.”

Tickets for the MTK Fight Night at the Liverpool Olympia on Friday 12th July are still available through MTK Global’s website.

Elsewhere on the bill, Jazza Dickens faces Nathaniel May for the IBF European title, former WBO World Lightweight champion and WBSS competitor Terry Flanagan faces Jonas Segu and Olympic heroine Natasha Jonas will also be in action.