Margate boxer Ricky Leach gets fresh start with new team

Published On Tuesday, July 21, 2015By
After 15 months as a professional boxer, fighting away in Leeds, Rotherham, Wolverhampton and London, 25-year-old Ricky Leach (0-4-1) is determined to turn his career around since signing with newly-formed, Kent-based promotional outfit, JE Promotions. The 25-year-old is yet to secure his first win in five fights and plans to use the next bout in September as a new chapter in his fledgling boxing career. “I always wanted to be the home fighter and I haven’t been able to get used to the pros yet,” said the bantamweight from the Isle of Thanet Boxing Club. “In my first pro fight, I didn’t sell enough tickets to be able to box on it but I managed to pay the shortfall out of my own money and came away with a draw. Following his pro bow, Leach conceded his next four fights to unbeaten prospects travelling all over the country to fight. “After that, I had to go on the road and be the away fighter, and the home fighter that you face always gets the decision over you.” The prospects that the inexperienced pro competed against were all a considerable level above and, as a result, Leach has found it difficult to learn the ropes and progress his boxing ability. He explained, “It has been hard at the minute and I’ve not been able to learn or adapt in the pro game until my manager, Joe Elfidh came along. He has been good with me and for the last two fights, which were both away from home, they were the best fights I’ve had. “It’s hard to explain but he’s changed me for the better. When I fought Loius Nassa, it was my first fight with Joe and I don’t know how I didn’t get the win, he was holding on to me all the way through and everyone thought I’d won that.” Manager, Joe Elfidh, a former pro himself, has given Leach a new lease of life and plans to use the next fight in September as a chance to restart his career and get back to winning ways. Known as ‘Slik Rik’ to fans, he enthused, “I’m going to put 150% in just to prove to people exactly what I can do. I’ll be sparring a lot of different people and training hard. “At JE Promotions we all work together and it’s such a good team, I’d recommend Joe to anyone, he’s not just in it for the money, he has so much time for me and gives great advice because he’s been there and done it. “In terms of the changes that he’s made, I’d say there’s more sharpness and more determination than ever. I’d also say that he’s brought me out of my shell and made me believe in myself.” The resolute youngster has already begun his training camp and aims to leave no stone unturned in his quest for victory. “I’ve been doing lots of roadwork and I go away next week up to Hastings to really train hard and hit the ground running,” he confirmed. Ricky trains with his father, Neil Leach and younger brother, Edward Leach at the Isle of Thanet ABC in Margate. “I would like to say thanks to my mum and dad for all their support and a message to all my fans to come and watch me and witness it for yourself,” he added. Ricky will share the limelight with younger brother, Edward who makes his pro bow on the same night as his elder sibling’s career revival. The 23-year-old super-featherweight was due to make his mark on the pro scene in July but a hand injury thwarted his chance to complete his inauguration. The younger of the fighting Leach brothers aims to make up for the lost time and kick off his pro career with a win alongside his brother.   For tickets to show please contact Team Leach on 07779 616 707 To follow Ricky on Twitter click here @SlikRikLeach Ricky would like to thank his sponsors Sandwich Leisure Centre and Renowned Roofing and PR Manager Tim Rickson

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