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LIVE results from Lawrence Okolie vs Krzysztof Glowacki WBO Cruiserweight World Title fight

Published On Saturday, March 20, 2021By Tim Rickson

Lawrence Okolie vs Krzysztof Glowacki LIVE results

All the action at The SSE Arena, Wembley topped by the vacant WBO Cruiserweight World Title showdown between Lawrence Okolie and Krzysztof Glowacki, live on Sky Sports in the UK and on DAZN in the U.S. and more than 200 countries and territories.




Fight #1

8 x 3 mins Middleweight contest

Two unbeaten prospects put it all on the line. 25-year-old Cutler started very brightly but Rea turned up the heat, hurting Cutler with a strong uppercut, then putting together combinations to send him through the ropes. Rea, 23 from Stretford, then proceeded to swarm his opponent with the most accurate, stinging shots and dropped him again. Bournemouth's Cutler was brave to rise to his feet and continue, but he was finished off at 2:03 in round one.

The Manchester man was nothing short of sensational as he moved up to 10-0 in style. Watch out middleweights! 




Fight #2

6 x 2 mins Featherweight contest

Ramla Ali dominated Bec Connolly throughout the fight looking extremely dangerous during the third round where Ali unloaded huge shots with both hands, and the referee had a close look for most of the round with the latter taking huge punishment.

Ali followed suit in the fifth continuing to chase a stoppage and dominating the fight, with Connolly looking in serious trouble and struggling to land any kind of combination of her own.

Ramla Ali defeats Bec Connolly by decision with referee Bob Williams scorecard at 60-55.


Fight #3

10 x 3 mins vacant WBA Continental Cruiserweight Title

Billam-Smith started well in the opener. Ducar was under fire but managed to catch Billam-Smith with three good shots at the end of the second, a cheeky uppercut was very eye-catching.

Sitting ringside, Matt Macklin had the visitor winning the first two rounds.

It was an aggressive start from the Czech cruiserweight champion in round three.

Ducar was dropped in round four.

Bournemouth's Billam-Smith was pounding in big right hands in the fifth and landed a neat uppercut seconds from the bell.

Ducar fought for the IBO World cruiserweight title when he was eight fights unbeaten but lost to Kevin Lerena on points, who has held the title for over three years and six defences now. However, the world title contender was down early in the sixth round.

At this point in the fight, Billam-Smith had found his range, was easily slipping Ducar's shots and the ending seemed in sight. But the Brno boxer was still countering with some striking shots, catching the Brith with a lovely left-right combination.

In the penultimate round, Ducar again landed lovely left-right counters when under fire.

The pair were very respectful on the final bell having both really gone through the mill for 10 rounds. Very entertaining fight for the fans.

Billam-Smith won a unanimous decision scroed 99-90 twice and 97-92.


Fight #4

6 x 2 mins International Featherweight contest

Catford's Scotney was firing on all cylinders in her second pro fight, and was very close to scoring a stoppage in round five, but Gangloff was tough personified.

The French title contender came on strong in round six even though Scotney landed big one-twos and right hands in the final round.

South Londoner Scotney is heavy handed despite not scoring a KO yet in her career. The Brit wins 59-55.

Both Johnny Nelson and Tony Bellew questioned her power post-fight, stating that she is not sitting down on her shots because she is always on the move, but they also praised her shot selection.


Fight #5

10 x 3 mins WBA Intercontinental Super-Welterweight Title 

Fowler floored Fortea twice in the third round and even though the bell rang on the second knockdown, the Spaniard was counted out.

It was a single, stiff jab that decked the former IBF Inter-Continental super-welterweight champ and almost spun him around on the spot. Then the Liverpudlian followed up with a solitary right hand to the head to deck him again Big win for Fowler who wants European king Sergio Garcia next.


Fight #6

10 x 3 mins International Super-Featherweight contest

'The Welsh Wizard' lands a lovely one-two straight down the pipe in the opener.

Despite his skill, speed and movement on display, Cordina gets caught with a right hand in round two. Kourbanov also lands a nice counter left too. Cordina is hitting gloves to open the Asian up. Kourbanov fought for the European title in 2019, losing to Samir Ziani on points.

The Cardiff combatant caught Kourbanov cold with a stiff jab in the opening seconds of round three.

Kourbanov looked sharp and successful in round four, a good round for the visitor.

The Former EBU-EU champion started brightly in roud five. Cordina was landed in bunches but with no real venom. A lot of his attacks were caught on Kourbanov's gloves.

Cordina's workrate was exceptional and was well ahead on the scorecards by round seven.

Cordina is really coming on strong in the later rounds. He taps away at the gloves then find openings, such a delight to watch.

In the final round, it's all Cordina and he is cruising to a controlled points win.

Despite one judge scoring a draw, Joe Cordina gets win no.12.


Fight #7

12 x 3 mins vacant WBO Cruiserweight World Title

Great start rom Okolie, boxing controlled from range, swinging in some long-reaching right hands from range.

Slow start, patient from Okolie, doing everything right from the outside.

Good round for Okolie in round four, looking like he's hurting Glowacki for the first time.

Okolie was beginning to land bigger shots from round five and avoiding most of what was coming back. Glowacki just couldn't get to grips with his awkward style.

Okolie scored a knockout in round six! It was a long one-two, the right hand on the chin doing the damage to drop the Polishman heavily. He got up but was waived off.

Okolie becomes the first world champion in 2021 from Britain.


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