Liam Williams v Gary Corcoran Running Order

Published On Friday, July 15, 2016By British Boxing News



The wait is finally over! Our stacked Cardiff show is here, topped with two World Title fights, a mouth-watering domestic dust-up plus more top talent on display it's sure to be a fantastic night of boxing. Tune in to the Channel of Champions this Saturday at 6pm!     Buy the big show and see the rest of our schedule for £12 per month (no fixed contract) *Please note, all timings and fights subject to change without notice. All times GMT.
*** Fight #1  Alex HUGHES v Alistair WARREN 8x3 Minute Rounds: Middleweight *** Fight #2 Joe PIGFORD v Sam OMIDI 8x3 Minute Rounds: Super-Welterweight *** Fight #3 Jamie CONLAN v Patrick BARTOS 8x3 Minute Rounds: Super-Flyweight *** Fight #4 Bradley SKEETE v Alex LEPELLEY 10x3 Minute Rounds: The WBO European Welterweight Championship *** Fight #5 Tommy LANGFORD v Timo LAINE 10x3 Minute Rounds: The WBO Intercontinental Middleweight Championship *** Fight #6  Terry FLANAGAN v Mzonke FANA 12x3 Minute Rounds: The WBO World Lightweight Championship *** Fight #7 Guillermo RIGONDEAUX v Jazza DICKENS 12x3 Minute Rounds: The WBA World Super-Bantamweight Championship *** Fight #8  Liam WILLIAMS v Gary CORCORAN 12x3 Minute Rounds: The British Super-Welterweight Championship *** Float Dale EVANS v Ryan HARDY 6x3 Minute Rounds: Welterweight