Lenny Fuller Ultimate Boxxer 5

Lenny Fuller believes Ultimate Boxxer 5 win will catapult him to the top

Published On Thursday, August 8, 2019By Tim Rickson

Lenny Fuller believes Ultimate Boxxer prize money is chance to invest in his career

Maidstone’s Lenny Fuller (6-0) will be one of the octet of super-welterweights set to compete in Ultimate Boxxer V at the Indigo at The O2 on September 20.

Hot on the heels of Mikael Lawal’s stunning victory at Ultimate Boxxer 4, the successful tournament now returns to London, with eight 154-pounders looking to emulate Lawal by winning the Golden Robe and soaring up the professional ranks.

25-year-old Fuller debuted on May 12, 2018 against Dale Arrowsmith (1-15-1) flooring him en route to a points victory. The likeable boxer recorded another five points wins, all within one year, to take his tally into the tournament at 6-0.

Opponents faced have all been the usual suspects, but he did give himself a tough assignment in his second pro bout against Central Area title contender Chris Jenkinson (10-57-3), conceding a round in the process, which remains the only round dropped from 28 so far.

The former unlicensed boxing champion from Chart Sutton in Kent spoke exclusively to BBN during his training camp for the fast-paced, explosive tournament that sees the winner taking home a share of £50k prize winnings.

“I never really done a lot in the amateurs but now I’m pro I’m committed fully and I got some real good people behind me in terms of sponsors, who allow me to train every day, so I’m a full time pro now and I get to train twice a day, every day.” Fuller was a student at Westry ABC in Maidstone from the age 11 to 14.

“My record don’t suggest it but I know I hit hard. I’ve had some great sparring, mixing it with world level fighters, I’m fit, I can train twice per day, I can work on things all the time and just keep improving.”

Fuller is joined by early favourite to win UB5, Rio 2016 Olympian Steven Donnelly, along with five fellow unbeaten fighters.

“When we found out we was in the Ultimate Boxxer, we had a look through the list of names and we realised we was the smallest in the competition but that’s not a bad thing really. I could be underestimated. I don’t fear anyone, so no one is a threat to me, I’m just going to go in there and do my job.

His training camp is currently in full flow and long-term trainer Lee Page has made necessary tweaks to his routines to adapt to the format of the forthcoming competition.

He explained, “We have made a few adjustments in training to suit the format of Ultimate Boxxer, just a lot of explosive work, short bursts, less rests between rounds.

“I’m more of a counter-puncher. I’m strong, I can box, but I can fight when I need to and that’s what counts in a competition like this.”

The ambitious boxer from a travelling background, father of two boys, sees the prize money at stake as a chance to invest in his professional career.

“If I was to win Ultimate Boxxer then I would invest that money back into myself to get to that point where I want to be,” he confirmed.

“I’ve mixed it with world level boys so I know where I can be, and that money, when I win this, I’ll invest it in myself to help me get to the top.”

Fuller is managed by promoter Joe Elfidh, known as 'The Morroccan Machine' during his own professional boxing career.

"I want to say thanks to Joe for getting me this opportunity, and to all my fans, keep getting behind me and buying thickets, this is just the start."

For the first time in the short but memorable history of Ultimate Boxxer there will be an Olympian competing for glory – Steven Donnelly, who represented Ireland in Rio three years ago. Donnelly and Fuller are joined by Southern Area title contender Joshua Ejakpovi; unbeaten boxers Kingsley Egbunike, Lewis Syrett, Aaron Collins and Sean Robinson; and former contestant Kaan Hawes, who was a quarter-finalist in the Ultimate Boxxer middleweights tournament in May.