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Kofi Donker wish list for 2019

Published On Tuesday, December 11, 2018By Tim Rickson
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Crocked Kofi Donker eyeing 2019 ring return

Unbeaten 29-year-old lightweight Kofi Donker (1-0), signed to Goodwin Boxing, revealed his wish list for 2019, exclusively to BBN.

The Plumstead puncher had his hand raised on his debut on September 15 and booked his second pro contest just two months later in November but a hamstring injury thwarted his plans and he has been sat on the sidelines since.

Donker withdrew from the November 24 bout to concentrate on his rehabilitation, which has now been extended into the New Year.

He said, “I still don’t know about my next fight date yet. I’ve got micro tears in my hamstring and got to rest up to let it heal, so kind of stumped right now. It’s very inflamed and it’s all due to overuse.

“I am looking at a bit later on in 2019 to get out again, despite wanting to be out as soon as possible, so only once I know I’m 100 per cent, but I haven’t really thought too much about boxing recently because if I did, then it would make me want to go to the gym and train and I need to let it heal.

“Ideally my plan was to box four times next year. I wanted to have fought twice this year already and be 6-0 by the end of next year, and midway through 2020 be boxing for some sort of title.

“I don’t think too far ahead, this is all new to me – the pro boxing circuit, so trying not too think too far ahead at the moment and just let it come, but I’d like to think I’ll be fighting around next March time.

“I’d love to have a set date where I can go training back on 1st January but just don’t know right now. Just got to wait until my body is ready and then I’ll be 8-10 weeks away from my next fight.”

“I was experiencing the injury during training for my debut and it’s only getting worse. I was doing hill sprints at Greenwich park in June last year and it’s been bad since then, I couldn’t even pull my foot out my shoe and it’s still the same now. So, I’m trying not to think of boxing or watch other people getting out on the circuit.

Kofi was a successful amateur, winning 29 of 43 bouts, reaching the Novices finals and represented London on three occasions.

In September 2018, he defeated experienced Slovakian Ivan Godor (20-59-4) on points over four rounds at the iconic York Hall in Bethnal Green.

The injury put paid to plans to return to the ring soon after but ‘Poison’ is now looking ahead to March onwards for his next fight.


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