Kevin Mitchell: "Katsidis could knock Tommy out"

Published On Wednesday, October 22, 2014By British Boxing News

Kevin Mitchell fears that Tommy Coyle will be knocked out if he tries to stand and trade with Michael Katsidis

The Hull lightweight faces the battle-hardened Australian in his hometown on Saturday night, live on Sky Sports.

Mitchell is fully aware of the threat posed by Katsidis, who inflicted a humbling stoppage defeat when they fought back in 2010 at Upton Park.

His decision to engage the Aussie in a close-quarters battle proved foolish as Mitchell was halted in the third round and he urged Coyle not to make a similar mistake.

“I don’t think Michael is what he was when he fought me, but if you stand in front of him and let him let his hands go, he can do a job and he could knock Tommy out,” said Mitchell. “Since he boxed me he has proved he can mix it very well at world level. He has had many wars but I can see him getting an early finish if Coyle isn’t sensible.

“I think it will be another war. If Tommy does what he normally does then I think he could get knocked out in the first four or five rounds.”

In February, Coyle had to pick himself off the canvas on four occasions before forcing a stoppage win over Daniel Brizuela, who returns for a clash with Luke Campbell on the undercard this weekend. Mitchell believes Katisidis is a more ruthless finisher than Brizuela and has told Coyle to display his boxing skills rather than his bravery.

“If Michael wins, it will be because Tommy stands his ground and walks onto one of Michael’s dangerous body shots or head shots. Once Michael lands those shots and knows that he has hurt you, he isn’t one of those fighters like Brizuela who couldn’t capitalise – Michael will finish the job.

“If Tommy uses his head and uses plenty of foot movement, uses the ring well, keeps out of his way and keeps it to strict boxing, keep on his toes, hands nice and high and be aware, then I think Coyle can get the job done on points. I think if he stands there and tries to have a go at him then I think you’ll find Coyle walks on to one and he’ll go over. “Coyle will have worked on that, 100 per cent. This game is all about winning and what Coyle has to do is stick to boxing, don’t worry about entertainment value, just go and get the win and do what you have to. Stick to the basics, stick to the jabs, the one-twos down the middle, keep moving and go from there.

“This fight is down to Tommy Coyle. If he sticks to the boxing, fast movements, angles, keeping it long, then he can win. If he doesn’t do that and stands his ground he will walk onto a few and try and go into the trenches then I think I could get stopped early by Katsidis.”

The unbeaten Campbell will be targeting a ninth straight win against Brizuela, while super-bantamweight Gavin McDonnell takes a step-up in class against former world title challenger Vusi Malinga.