All the action from Katie Taylor vs Miriam Gutiérrez reported LIVE

BBN will be reporting all the action LIVE from tonight's triple world title header from The SSE Arena, Wembley, live on Sky Sports in the UK.

Check back here from 6:15pm for the all the results as it happens.



Fight #1
8 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight contest 

With his manager Tony Bellew watching on from ringside, Thomas Whittaker-Hart (4-0, 2 KOs), a former England and Team GB man, opened the show. Trained by Joe McNally at the Rotunda ABC in Kirkdale, Whittaker-Hart was utilising his jab well in his Matchroom Boxing debut, but could have been busier in the opening rounds, but he had the hardest opponent of his short career in front of him in Jermaine Springer (7-1, 1KO).

In round two, Whittaker-Hart countered the 32-year-old Bradford boxer well with a left hook and a few more follow up shots. There wasn't too many exchanges up to this point, despite Springer saying he was going to leave it all in the ring against the Liverpudlian.

Springer was beginning to run out of ideas in round three and began overreaching his shots, which Whittaker-Hart took full advantage of with crisp counters, looking very sharp in this round. The lead right hands weren't working for Springer so he needs another gameplan.

Springer was still leaping in but it worked for him on occasions in round four, tagging Whittaker cleanly with a left hand. In his last fight, he ruined the unbeaten record of Casey Connelly, who was 6-0 at the time. This fight was mid-March, just a few days before lockdown hit.

Springer upped the pressure in round five and caught Whittaker on the ropes early. Matthew Macklin had him losing the fight 39-37 so far, only awarding him the first round on his scorecard. Whittaker-Hart was putting combinations together more in this round, realeasing his hands in threes and fours and landing to the body. He was on his toes, constantly moving so Springer never had a still target to aim for.

Springer was more aggressive in round six, sensing he was down on the scorecards. His left hand was successful ore than once. The end of the round caught fire when Whittaker-Hart caught Springer with a hurtful right hand and the pair traded until the bell. Springer looked like he was buzzed by that shot for a moment.

Springer was missing too wildly in round seven and Whittaker-Hart was managing to take advantage with harder shots than from the beginning of the fight. He was putting more weight behind every shot, increasingly looking for the stoppage. Round seven topped round six, with more blows exchanged than any other round. The pair were fighting at close range by now and it was far more exciting to watch than earlier on, which was a lot less active.

Springer respectfully touched gloves with his adversary at the start of the round then it was all business. He was purposeful and aggressive, doing exactly what he promised - leaving it all in the ring.His lead rights were actually landing whereas they fell short in most of the other rounds. Whittaker-Hart was moving and turning well, putting his punches together nicely. He looked strong and landed some noce body shots. It was another busy, entertaining round to watch. they were both so enthused that Springer missed with a left hook and almost turned around in a 360 and Whittaker-Hart's response to counter saw him miss and slip over almost. That was how the fight ended, with both boxers giving their all. Matthew Macklin had scored the fight at 78-75 to Whittaker-Hart.

Referee Bob Williams scored the fight at to 79-74 Whittaker-Hart.




Fight #2
10 x 3 mins vacant WBA Continental Bantamweight Title  

British title outright winner, Kash Farooq (13-1, 6KOs) was busy with his jab, doubling it up, and moving his head well to avoid anything coming back. His opponent, Angel Aviles (20-5, 6KOs), is the current Mexican bantamweight champion. The first round was quite close and they likely shared the spoils on the cards.

24-year-old Farooq was busier in the second segment, but wasn't putting any weight or power behind his shots, clearly satisfied to be patient and play the long game.

In round three, his shots appeared to be heavier and more intently. His moniker, 'Untouchable', was evident for all to see as he dodged everything that came his way. The Glasweigan appeared to be gradually upping the pressure and pace.

By rounds four and five, the 27-year-old former IBO World title contender was just a punch bag for the Scot. They were fighting in close range and Pakistan-born Farooq was landing cleanly and often and moving superbly to not get hit in return.

In round six, Aviles looked a bit worn under the constant attacks, he ws getting his so often, surely a retirement was on the cards soon. He foolishly dropped his hands and got hit persistently. The Mexican threw a lazy left hook, which Farooq ducked under and replied with three straight jabs. As tough as Mexicans are, his corner should really pull him out.

Since losing his challenge for the IBO World super-flyweight title in 2017, Aviles has won eight fights in a row and won two titles in the process. All six of Farooq's stoppages have come from his last seven wins, but his punches here don't look that dangerous.

In round eight, Farooq stunned Aviles with a clean left hook to the cheek that snapped his head around, then moved in for the kill, but the South American withstood the onslaught.

The Mexican deserved to hear the final bell. He took a lot of punishment all fight, but he took it well and he continued to stand in close and trade with his superior opponent. He looked and sounded exhausted by this point so he had earned his wages and then some. Farooq looked as fresh as a daisy as he touched gloces with his ring opponent on the final bell but Aviles trudged heavily to his corner.

It was likely a shoutout points win to Farooq in what was a invaluable 10-rounds of experience fought at a very decent pace and intensity for the stylish Scot.

The scores were read as 100-90, 100-91, 99-91 to Farooq.


Fight #3
10 x 3 mins British Super-Middleweight Title Eliminator

Ex-English middleweight champion Cullen down in the first 30 seconds of the fight! Docherty, when in close, threw a three punch combo that ended in a hard left hook, which put Cullen on the seat of his pants.

Unbeaten in nine fights, with seven KOs, it was the perfect start for 23-year-old Scot Docherty.

As always with Cullen, it was a busy fight fought in close quarters with plenty of action. Good round for 'Little Lever's Meat Cleaver'.

By round three, youngster Docherty was bleeding quite heavily from his right eye. The southpaw still seemed to be winning the fight, despite his injuries. Matthew Macklin has the super-middleweights completely even after three rounds.

Cullen was forcing the pace in round four and Docherty was being asked some serious questions in his 10th contest.

A good, even fight, but is Docherty just getting the better of the exchanges? 30 seconds to the end of round six and Cullen connects with a trio of clean punches - a one-two ended with a left hook.

Round eight exploded! Cullen hurt Docherty very early in the round and he looked ready to go! The Scot got a brief respite from the onslaught when his gumshield fell out, but it was a torrid round for the Scot. However, one-sided the round was, Docherty managed to finish the rounf stronly on the front foot, so huge credit to him for his bravery after being so badly hurt.

Cullen's experience is working for him in the second half of the fight, as novice Docherty is flailing and losing rounds. However, Docherty may have clinched round nine, leaving it a close decision for the judges to make.

Docherty was visibly tired by the final round, but should have done enough to win it still With the first round being scored 10-8, he may have just about done enough to win, but a Cullen victory or even a draw could be expected to follow.

2x 96-94, 95-94 to Cullen.


Fight #4
10 x 2 mins vacant Interim WBC Super-Bantamweight World Title

Close first round between Ball and Guanini, with the home fighter using her taller frame and advantages to box on the outside but the smaller Argentinian trying to lunge in overhands and a couple connected, but with no power or spite.

Walsall's Ball utilising her height and reach well inn round two but not quite connecting yet.

By round four, the pair were exchanging much more and the fight was warming up nicely, but Guanini had a lot of success, while Ball finished the round strongly.

Guanini was looking confident and comfortable during round five. both boxers having success, hard to split them. Interesting fight so far, and very, very close.

Guanini's game plan is working for her by dragging her into a dogfight, however it's still very close.

Ball is really pressing the action to try and get the upper hand and round nine was exciting to watch. Ball's workrate should be racking up the rounds in her favour. Ball's energy should be the deciding factor on the scorecards. Both boxers having successes but Ball is far mre dominant and should have done enough here.

Into the final round of a tight fight we go, it's close but Ball was more forceful, on the front foot, threw more and should be the winner here, but it's a shame it's the interim title and not the full world title that Ball really deserves.

Rachel Ball wins via unanimous decision at 99-91 twice and 99-92.


Fight #5
10 x 2 mins WBC and IBO Super-Featherweight World Titles

High octane right from the off! Terri Harper on her jab straightaway and putting her punches together early. First round to the champion, probably.

Thanderz on the front foot in round three, but Harper boxing clever.

Good right uppercut for Thanderz in round four, which was a very good round for the unbeaten Norweigan.

Harper boxing on the backfoot trying to pick the challenger off, who was having success of her own.

Thanderz trying to land her strong right hand but Harper wise to it. The punditry sounds very biased towards the Matchroom figher but it's very close, despite what they say.

Round seven impossible to score, with Harper displaying exceptional movement but catching a few sharp jabs clean from Thanderz.

Thanderz is coming on strong, perhaps knowing she only has two rounds left to stake her claim. Then her aggression goes against her as she gets hurt and soon after the fight is stopped. A short, sharp left hook to the body stunned Thanderz and Harper went in for the kill landing olenty of shots, including another duplicate left to the body and Victor Loughlin stopped the contest, rightfully.


Main Event

10 x 2 mins Undisputed Lightweight World Titles

The undisputed champion came straight out of the traps stating her intent. She was utting her punches ogether very earlt on but the rest of the round was very timid compared to the very bright start from the Irish champion.

Taylor moved in for the kill in round three and a right hand shook the challenger to her boots. Despite being hurt, the unbeaten Spaniard continued to throw back, credit to her. Whatever the outcome, the 37-year-old from Madrid has earned her plaudits just by getting to round four, but the writing is on the wall.

Gutierrez down at the end of round four by a beautifully timed right hand.

Somehow, the 37-year-old WBA interim world champion is still in there by round six, but she's getting battered on the ropes, but still firing back! Her shots are so slow and Taylor has no problem slipping her laboured shots.

Katie Taylor is battering her foe,but she is resolute and staying firm, even beckoning her on.

No one expected this fight to reach round nine, but it has. Gutierezz has taken a battering but she keeps firing back, giving the referee no reason to jump in and stop the fight.

The last round was a fantastic battle. Taylor won every round but Gutierezz has earned some respect tonight.

Taylor expectedly won 100-89, 100-90, 99-91.

Post fight, she stated, "I thought it was a great overall performance. I boxed well at long distance and close. I did a bit of everything in there tonight. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at her. I just couldn't get her out of there. She's tough as nails so credit to her. She hung in and she was there to fight until the very end. She's obviously big and strong and that showed tonight.

"I thought it was important for me to stamp my authority right from the first round. She hadn't fought outside of Spain and was out of the ring for a year. I thought it would be good to start fast. I thought I was going to get her out of there at one stage. She hung in there and she kept swinging shots. She was actually very dangerous when she was swinging shots. I had to be a bit more cautious later on in the fight. Overall it was a great performance.

"Obviously I would have loved to get a stoppage in there tonight. I haven't got a stoppage in a long time. It is hard to hurt these girls, they're very strong and durable. I did everything that I could to get the stoppage but she hung in and I have to be happy with a points win. I'm going home with all of the belts and I'm still the undisputed champion. I'm still unbeaten and this is a great end to the year.

"This was absolutely huge. I think every girl on the card tonight boxed brilliantly. Three fantastic fights. It's just an amazing showcase. As I've said before, Eddie has given us this platform. Women's boxing is on fire right now because of the platform he has given us. What an amazing few years of women's boxing. That's what it's all about for myself, inspiring the next generation. Hopefully there was a few young girls watching through Facebook on the livestream. It's all about inspiring the next generation and what an amazing platform to do it on."

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