Kane Salvin believes his amateur education gives him the edge over local rival Sufyaan Ahmed Central Area Super Featherweight Title how to watch tv channel live stream links

Kane Salvin believes his amateur education gives him the edge over local rival Sufyaan Ahmed

Published On Tuesday, October 27, 2020By British Boxing News

Kane Salvin: "I have much more experience and that’s going to be a big factor"

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In what promises to be a lively encounter, Kane Salvin says he will come through the challenge of local rival Sufyaan Ahmed when they contest the Central Area Super Featherweight Title on November 20 at Sheffield Arena.

The pair play chief support to Tommy Frank and Kyle Yousaf’s British Flyweight Title clash, live on Eurosport – a history-making event that will see the first ever drive-in boxing show hosted in the UK.

On paper, the undercard bout appears to be a 50-50 affair, with both fighters having identical 5-0 records, but Kane says his greater experience in the amateurs will be pivotal and that it is not a 50-50 fight.  The 20-year-old had over 60 fights in the unpaid code, significantly more than his rival, and believes that whatever Ahmed brings – it won’t be enough.

The rivals were due to meet in a Central Area Title clash in March, as part of the aborted show that would have seen Frank box for the International Boxing Organisation (IBO) Flyweight belt. Now, with just a few weeks until first bell, the ‘HurriKane’ has put that disappointment behind him and is brimming with confidence.

“I was so disappointed when it fell through last time because I was really up for it, but I always knew Dennis would get it back on.  I knew me and Sufyaan would meet, it was just a matter of when.  There’s not long to go now, and I really can’t wait to put a good show on.

“Neither of us have done 10 rounds, but with how hard I’ve been training I know I’ll get through it comfortably.  Being part of this show is a brilliant opportunity, to be having my first title fight on such a big event against a decent opponent, is just fantastic.

“I’m really confident I’ll win.  Everyone knows it’s going to be a good night and a good fight.  He’ll have one of two game plans, he’ll either try and have a slug-fest with me but – as they say in boxing – you don’t hook with a hooker, that would be a mistake for him.  Or he’ll try to box, but then the question is how good a boxer is he?  Ten rounds is a long time to try and keep away from me.  My youth is an advantage, so is my amateur experience.  I think he had five amateur fights, whereas I had over 60, so I have much more experience and that’s going to be a big factor.  He won’t have been in the situations that I have, I know when a fight gets hard I can bite down.  It’s about what he doesn’t know about the sport, and I’m sure I’ll win that title.”

The main event is another ‘Steel City’ derby fight against two unbeaten fighters that is also a bona-fide ‘pick em’ contest.  Yousaf is 16-0 (7), while Frank’s ledger stands at 13-0 (3), and the pair are both aged 27.  It’s a highly-anticipated affair that is deserving of its Lonsdale Belt status, and the added glamour of the TV cameras.  With many boxing insiders unable to split them, Salvin feels there will only be one winner, predicting victory for his training partner and stable mate, ‘Super’ Tommy Frank.

“I see Tommy winning quite comfortably,” said Kane.  “I don’t think Kyle knows what he’s in for.  He’ll have a lot of people talking in his ear.  He’ll have confidence with the gym he’s at, with people around him like Charlie and Sunny Edwards, and Kyle is a brilliant fighter but I don’t think he understands what Tommy brings.  I think he’s underestimating Tommy, and he’ll be in for a bit of trouble straight away.  Tommy’s a quality fighter, and I’m not sure they see that.”

Dennis Hobson Promotions presents an evening of boxing at Sheffield Arena on November 20, headlined by Tommy Frank and Kyle Yousaf contesting the vacant British Flyweight Title.  Chief support sees Kane Salvin and Sufyaan Ahmed fight for the Central Area Super Featherweight belt.  Also appearing will be Sheffield’s Perry Howe, Keanen Wainwright, Razaq Najib and Nathan Owen, and Rotherham’s Kash Ali

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